Darwin Made it Up

Found this in The Progressive (October 2012) in their No Comment section. This is the type of comments that leaves one dumb founded of how much preposterous idiocy there's around.

  • Lewal

    Newton Made It Up.
    "The theory of gravity is a theory..."

  • Heather Spoonheim

    Music theory is just a theory, and has never stood up to scientific scrutiny.  All that stuff you hear on the radio is just nonsense.

  • M.B.

    Yep. The fun thing is that you can substitute as following:

    ________ Made it Up

    The theory of ________ is a theory....

    It seems to always work. LOL

  • Pope Beanie

    All that rocket science is just a theory, too. And medicine, jets, computers, round Earth, what stars are made of, genetics, germs...

  • Teri G

    Maybe we should start to call it the law of evolution. Maybe then it will hit home -_-

  • Colleen

    Yea you know like people just write things and they make them up we really should have a system to test things to see if they're valid and reliable I mean why haven't we done that yet...see me writing here...I'm just making this up as I go...I knew Darwin...he told me he made it up...The bible? Oh no that's the truth...Jesus talks to me every night you know...

    *sigh* I don't even know where to start when I hear things like this.

  • SteveInCO

    Colleen, I can only hope your skull and desk are both sturdy because you probably bang one onto the other often.

    The thought that leaped into my mind when I read your rendition of their ramblings was "we DO have such a system you fuckwit... it's called the SCIENTIFIC METHOD!!!!!!"

  • Colleen

    Haha, exactly the thought I was trying to provoke SteveinCO :)

  • Ed

    The problem is that these sheeple are becoming our elected officials. So sad.

  • Unseen

    Believers will always confuse the two senses of "theory" because it creates the confusion behind which they hide. While both theories begin as speculation, one is used merely as a conjecture to be checked out. The other is as an organizing principle that proves its worth by its explanatory power and by its ability to suggest new conjectures to study and verify. 

  • Marc Poulin

    Heather, most of the stuff on the radio is nonsense. ;)

  • Dale Headley

       I agree with Teri.  Perhaps they should stop calling it the "Theory" of Evolution, and start calling it the "Law" of evolution, which, for all practical purposes, it is.  Living things EVOLVE;  living things have ALWAYS evolved; living things always WILL evolve; living things MUST evolve;  living things can not NOT evolve.  If they did not evolve, the only living things on earth, if anything at all, would be bacteria.

  • Pope Beanie

    Ubertalk helps. Theoretically. (ymmv)

  • Strega

    Creationists must have a strange explanation of why, if god only made one man and one woman, we have so many different races, and so many different languages.(not to mention the very practical matter of early incest avoidance).

    Evolution is so easily demonstrated, simply by looking at the many breeds of dog that we have bred from a single species - the change from a wolf to a poodle for example.  Loads of breeds have been created by us over the last 50 years. And Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' conclusion is almost inevitable.  Of course the strong will survive.  The weak die first, as easier prey.  So the breed consequently gets globally stronger. That's just common sense.

    Nothing of Darwin's work disproves the existence of a god; it is only HOW god had to have created man that is being challenged.  If I felt like believing in a god, I'd only have to point out that the garden of Eden story is a parable, or symbolic of god's eventual design for humans - he just started early, with the big bang, like playing pool, where you hit one ball to hit another into the pocket.

    To just say "Oh no it isn't" to Darwin's results seems so pointless when evolution doesn't have to negate religious belief. 

    However, as it happens, I don't feel like believing in a god.

  • Doug Reardon

    the problem with the ignorant and the stupid is that they can't imagine anyone more learned nor smarter than they.  It's all just opinion!