Darwin Made it Up

Found this in The Progressive (October 2012) in their No Comment section. This is the type of comments that leaves one dumb founded of how much preposterous idiocy there's around.

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  • SteveInCO

    Unseen, I guess I am a bit more charitable than you are.

    Oftentimes it's rank ignorance.

    Which is not to say that that ignorance isn't sometimes exploited by those who DO know better.

  • Unindoctrinated

    I believe Science deniers should stand up for what they believe in. If he doesn't believe in evolution he should be legally disqualified from ever being treated for any illness caused by an evolved breed of bacteria or virus or in any way benefit from any branch of science that has reached the ability to help him in any way if to reach that stage they had to use knowledge he believes is false.

    Who wants to take a bet on whether he'd have that level of faith in his moronic hypothesis?

  • Dave Gibbs

    Too bad cultural evolution has allowed us to overcome natural selection... this guy would be the first to go and we'd be better for it.