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Have kids? Want to share your experiences with other atheist parents?
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  • Emily Russell

    Just reading various forums and talking to people, I just wanted to say I think it's great how most of the fellow atheists I come across seem to have the same frame of mind when we tell our kids about our atheist philosophies but also add that they are free to believe what they choose.


    Growing up in a catholic family and knowing lots of other religious families, I've never known any other parents to say, we are catholic, but you are free to believe what you want. It's always, the complete opposite, or at least that's what I've experienced. I raise my children as atheists, and as much as I want them to agree with my beliefs, I want them to come to their own conclusions, in time, even if it differs from mine.

  • Maghan

    Love the name of this group! Mom to 2 yr old girl
  • Kevin Kurtz

    Hi everyone! I am new to the site and was really glad to find the group for parents. It's nice to have a place to go to discuss secular parenting. I have a twelve year old son and am teaching him about atheism and to demand evidence for things. He tells me that something can't be verified without evidence, lol. Looking forward to chatting with other atheist parents!