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  • Jo

    To Missy: Wow, I'm in the same situation down here in Florida. I did choose to pay more and put my girls in a preschool, but they still taught them about the baby Jesus, and they love that story. So I told them, yes, that is a wonderful story, and treated it for what it really is- a nice story, just like any other myth or storybook or Disney movie for that matter. They are now in kindergarten and first grade, and they want to go to a "Kids Live" religious club after school on Tuesdays. Mostly I think they are curious, but I don't feel comfortable letting them yet because they are so young and impressionable. I take every opportunity I can to teach them at this age what is real and make believe, and what " fiction" is. This they can understand. So I lump togetherangels and magic and unicorns and elves. Later on, I will teach them what religion is, and I will take them to a church if they are curious, but only when I feel they can look at it objectively for what it is. I too have a strong dislike for religion but I feel like I have to be careful how I project that to my kids. I actively try to teach them the principals of humanism and I involve them in helping others in every way I can think of. I also have to remember that I was indoctrinated heavily as a child, and I made my own choice as a young adolescent that I didn't believe. I love this group and I'm grateful for the help and support!
  • Malgosha

    Hi I just joined and thought I would introduce myself. I'm a mother of one.  She is a very bright 6 year old.  I'm looking forward to getting to know everybody.
  • Emily Russell

    Just reading various forums and talking to people, I just wanted to say I think it's great how most of the fellow atheists I come across seem to have the same frame of mind when we tell our kids about our atheist philosophies but also add that they are free to believe what they choose.


    Growing up in a catholic family and knowing lots of other religious families, I've never known any other parents to say, we are catholic, but you are free to believe what you want. It's always, the complete opposite, or at least that's what I've experienced. I raise my children as atheists, and as much as I want them to agree with my beliefs, I want them to come to their own conclusions, in time, even if it differs from mine.