Cancer Support

Have you or one of you loved ones been affect by cancer? Share your stories here. Ask others how to cope.
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  • Paula

    Oh! and if you want to get in touch with me, here is my daughter's caringbridge site:

  • Abid

    My mother felt a low sensation in her right side last year. Also her right eye developed field defect. She was diagnosed with brain tumour (CNS lymphoma) in December 2013. My father died when I was four and mother was everything to me. She became weak due to chemo but did not suffer much. Only the night she died she experienced breathlessness but died peacefully afterwards on 23 Feb 2013. One thing I will add that everyone prayed for her but Nature is unconscious and we have to face her boldly.
  • JadeBlackOlive

    Survivor for more than 10 years now.