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A place for all of us godless writers to discuss writing, language, and literature. Feel free to post your poetry, short stories, or anything else you'd like to share with the community.
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  • Andy Hoke

    An atheist is one who proscribes to no religion. There is no doctrine, clergy, ritual, talk of end days, no market for indulgences, no original sin, no automatic hierarchy and no absurdities to believe. Subservience is still voluntary.

  • Don

    An atheist subscribes to no religion.  To "proscribe" is to forbid.  But, yes, this is important to bear in mind, not so much for us, but for  those who will insist that atheism is its own belief system with its own dogma and "priests" and cohesive world view. 

  • Andy Hoke

    Thanks Don :)