Quick Arguments Against Religion

Do you think I'm going to hell? If yes, why? Why would God condemn me to eternal torture just for not believing him in the face of a huge lack of evidence? Why did he create me with my questioning, rational mind ...
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  • Stein Erik Ulekleiv

    Lets imagine for a minute that God exist and that all violence, deaths, rapes, wars and som on are caused by humans and are not at all Gods will because of our free will. Even tornados, floods and other disasters caused by nature are also our faults because of what we've done to the ozon layer etc. But, and there's a big BUT, please then explain to me how it can be humanitys fault that we have earth quakes that cause millions of deaths to innocent people. Is it really humans that push the continents so that they cause thes disasters? How can a religious person say that this our fault and not Gods? If God exists then it cant be anyone else than him who decides that its about time to kill innocent people in earth quakes. but God loves us, doesn't he, so why does he want to kill so many men, women and children? Or can it just be that God does not exist... I'm 100 % sure. What about you?

  • D R Hosie

    For anyone still in the dark about Bradley Manning.

    Bradley Manning's still a Good ol' Girl.

  • D R Hosie

    (Sam Harris)

    Beliefs hazardous to World Health

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