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    Not looking forward to tomorrow morning. I'm supposedly taking Squeaky in for her annual physical and she is hell to get into a carrier. My plan is to do it in the bathroom. I'll get the carrier in there and even if she gets away, she has nowhere to hide.

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    What is the attraction of computer keyboards for cats? They like to walk on them and curl up on them for some reason.

    A short while ago Squeaky curled up partly on and partly off my laptop while I was using it, and somehow she lost my connection. I discovered I was in airplane mode.

    Unable to google, I was casting about for a solution. Looking at my keyboard to see what she might have done, I discovered that the F2 key has a little radio tower icon on it in blue. My Fn key is also blue. Pressing the two together got my connection back.

    A while ago, she walked across my keyboard and rotated my display 90 degrees. I had to google the answer to that one with my head sharply cocked to one side. 

    One thing I must say is that Squeaky frequently contributes my computer knowledge in ways I didn't anticipate when I got her.

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    So, Squeaky has slowly become attracted to the junkier foods. She used to love Tiki Cat chicken which was actual chicken shreds with supplemental nutrients. That was supplemented with Wellness CORE Indoor Cats dry food and Natural Balance Chicken & Liver Pate.

    She gets NO seafood (not good for cats: research it).

    Now she turns up her nose at anything other than Friskies Turkey & Giblets Shreds canned food (which is half "gravy") and Friskies Indoor Delights, which used to be just a supplement to the good stuff. How the junk food is all she wants. Should I go cold turkey on her?