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A place for atheists with cats to exchange pictures and anecdotes and even ask for advice regarding our feline friends.

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  • Unseen

    So, Squeaky has slowly become attracted to the junkier foods. She used to love Tiki Cat chicken which was actual chicken shreds with supplemental nutrients. That was supplemented with Wellness CORE Indoor Cats dry food and Natural Balance Chicken & Liver Pate.

    She gets NO seafood (not good for cats: research it).

    Now she turns up her nose at anything other than Friskies Turkey & Giblets Shreds canned food (which is half "gravy") and Friskies Indoor Delights, which used to be just a supplement to the good stuff. How the junk food is all she wants. Should I go cold turkey on her?

  • Darren Beem

    Hey All: I'm a double newbie. A new atheist and new companion to a beautiful kitty Foxy. That's her picture in my profile. We got Foxy over a month ago at a shelter. It was love at first sight. I am honestly still learning what it means to have a cat, but learning is a lot of fun
  • Strega

    Hey Darren, welcome aboard! A month is probably long enough for you to join the ranks of slaves to their cats :)