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  • M.M.

    A harrowing tale of frustration. I bought my turntable new still in the box. It was 300 bucks but I just put it together, plugged it in and I was good to go. The internet is an invaluable resource. Glad to hear you solved your issue.

  • innerspaceboy

    Real horrorshow Noel!

    I bought a vintage rosewood Denon DP-60L for $600 off eBay with a pricey high compliance moving coil cartridge. I fully insured the shipping for safety. When it arrived I only picked up sound from the left channel.

    The seller claimed that it worked fine the day he shipped it, and the post office denied my claim because there were no physical gashes in the box.

    Spent another $50 to have it looked at by a pro audio shop only to find that the cartridge was damaged (most certainly in shipment.)

    Another hundred dollars later I ordered an Ortofon 2M Red as an inexpensive replacement, which I was able to get at cost, and now she sings beautifully.

    Now I couldn't be happier with my table.

  • marlowe dw

    Any body use sound stage direct for audio needs they are amazing.