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  • Derek Cantrell

    A Kink in the Armor

    by Derek Cantrell

    The President of the United States recently signed into law, a bill requiring military recruits to undergo psychiatric evaluation. The evaluation will be conducted in accordance with the DSM 5. The DSM is the original predecessor to the DSM 5, and was created by the United States Army, to define, classify and treat various psychological disorders. The current DSM 5 is not only recognized by the United States military, but also the American Psychiatric Association.

    The DSM 5 defines religious belief as a theme of delusional behavior. While delusional behavior in itself,is not illegal; the idea of allowing those who suffer from delusional behavior to participate in military operations, actions, etc. is nonsensical. A brief assessment by a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist, would likely deem the vast majority of the current military,as suffering from delusional behavior.

    The popular religions in the United States are Christianity and Judaism, therefore when referring to American religions, I will be referring to these particular beliefs. While American religions may bring comfort to believers, they also promote the psychology of unquestioning loyalty, even amid obvious inhumanities. For example: God instructed Abraham to kill his own son, God committed infanticide in Egypt at one point in time, and God committed global genocide, omit Noah and a few others. Believers of American religions are taught and encouraged to emulate this genocidal deity, and to follow his leadership without question, lest they succumb to eternal punishment of being burned alive.

    American religions also propagate ideas like defending God given freedoms. This indoctrination may seem like a noble gesture, but once the delusion is identified, the propaganda is found to promote nothing more than genocide.

    Even if the military was forced to reject believers of American religions and deplete their numbers considerably, I think it would only be a temporary detour ant; but it would slow the military actions, and force them to find a solution. This could mean the sparing of numerous lives, or at worst, the delay of the useless killing of war.

    If war was temporarily slowed, due to rejecting believers of American religions, it would also show the direct correlation between American religions and warfare. The United States, as a mass of citizens, are the most religious of the western worlds, and also the most war-driven.

    War profiteers propagate American religious psychology, as it is a useful tool to control the masses of non-questioning followers, even in lieu of obvious inhumanities such as genocide. Therefore, rejecting American religions from the military would severely hinder the leaders’ control and propaganda that justifies committing genocide.

    We can conclude that there is sufficient evidence to demand the disbanding of military personnel who suffer from belief in American religions. We as a nation, should also demand the disbanding of police officers and political leaders, who suffer from the same theme of delusion. If people want justification for their actions, they should look to scientific method and mathematics. If math seems a radical replacement for religion, consider how many nations have waged, and do wage wars on religious belief vs. how many nations have waged, and do wage wars on arguments over the sum of two plus two.

    The DSM 5 has identified a severe problem in our society. This problem is likely the drive behind various inhumanities. Now that it’s identified, the next action is to find proper treatment. While this process may need time to progress, it is only logical to remove delusional personnel from positions in our society that are meant to protect and guide us.

  • Carlos Rodgers

    Man it feels like a ghost town in here.......minus the ghosts.

  • Julie W


    I am posting this message from Mike Newdow, who is seeking plaintiffs in a lawsuit to remove "In God We Trust" from our currency.

    But before I do (see below), here's two of his more recent comments that relate to Georgia Atheists: "The two circuits that don't have a full complement of plaintiffs are the First (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Puerto Rico) and the Eleventh (Alabama, Florida and Georgia). Thus, if any of you know similarly-minded people in those locations, please forward this email or otherwise let them know about this litigation and ask them to contact us."

    And: "Additionally, even in some of the circuits where we have enough plaintiffs, we have not yet found two organizations who wish to join, or two families with children. This latter group - family with children - may be especially important, since the Supreme Court has often indicated that it really intends to uphold the Constitution when minors are involved. As you may know, the identities of any families with children will be kept 'under seal' during the litigation in order to ensure every child's safety."

              Thanks for any help in this effort.

                                Julie Woodward _______________________________________________

    His letter:

    There have now been three Supreme Court cases dealing with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) as it pertains to federal laws. A review of the opinions show that RFRA was strongly supported by 8 of 8 justices in Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita (2005), by 9 of 9 justices in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby (2014) and by 9 of 9 justices in Holt v Hobbs (2015). Thus, the time is ripe for Atheists to challenge being essentially forced to bear the message, "In God We Trust" – in violation of their religious beliefs - as the price to pay for simply choosing to carry the nation's currency in their pockets.

    In fact, in the seven federal circuits where "In God We Trust" has yet to be litigated, challenges are now being organized to do just that. If you could use your voice to notify your followers of this fact, it would be greatly appreciated. Individuals (or organizations) who wish to serve as plaintiffs and who are from those seven circuits (i.e., who are from Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia or Wisconsin) should email their contact information – including city and state of residence - to as soon as possible.

    Because the Supreme Court has indicated that it is more concerned about constitutional guarantees when children are involved, those who wish to protect their children from the government’s religious transgressions are especially encouraged to write. Please be assured that we will move for a court orders to keep the names of families with children under seal. (To date, those motions have always been granted, and – as far as I know – the families’ names have always remained undisclosed.)

    Thank you.

    Mike Newdow