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  • Rocky Oliver (LotusGeek)

    Hi folks,


    I'm a first degree (il Dan) black belt in Choi Kwang Do, and an instructor (for non-black belts); however my legs and hip have finally betrayed me and I can't really practice anymore. I fought through the pain to get my belt, and spend time with my boys, but it's just too much.


    Here's a pic with me and my boys. They busted their asses for four years to get their belts, and I am so proud of them.

    And here's a pic of my "reward" for getting my black belt - my tattoo to commemorate it!

  • Miro Lahtela

    Hello LotusGeek,

    I've never heard of Choi Kwang Do, where has it been developed? What is it like?

  • Craig Nomazlab

    Recently got my 1st Dan in Taekwon-do. The test was highly intense.