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Group for all who wish to discuss martial arts.


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  • Miro Lahtela

    Hello Ralph!

    My main art is Aikido wich I've studied for 12 years. In addition i have studied capoeira (3years), systema (1year) and tried out several other sports.

    We actually had the same kind of problem few years back, but now we about 40adults and 20 kids. Of course some of us are more active than others.

    What art(s) have you studied and for how long?

  • Geektheist (Rocky Oliver)

    Hi folks,


    I'm a first degree (il Dan) black belt in Choi Kwang Do, and an instructor (for non-black belts); however my legs and hip have finally betrayed me and I can't really practice anymore. I fought through the pain to get my belt, and spend time with my boys, but it's just too much.


    Here's a pic with me and my boys. They busted their asses for four years to get their belts, and I am so proud of them.

    And here's a pic of my "reward" for getting my black belt - my tattoo to commemorate it!

  • Miro Lahtela

    Hello LotusGeek,

    I've never heard of Choi Kwang Do, where has it been developed? What is it like?