Gay Atheists

A group for gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual atheists as well as for those who support equal rights for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation.
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  • Lindsey

    I personally like the word gay better. I just seems to me that the bigots tend to say homosexual and the allies tend to say gay. But that might just be a regional thing.
  • John Benedict

    Here's my take on Pansexuality...

    A pansexual identity speaks to the potential, not the requirement, for involvement with more than one gender/sex. This involvement may mean sexually, emotionally, in reality, or in fantasy. Monogamy and non-monogamy are relationship choices made independently of sexual identity. Some pansexuals are monogamous, some may have concurrent partners, others may relate to different genders/sexes during different times of their lives. Most pansexuals do not have to be involved with more than one person at a time in order to feel fulfilled. A pansexual is open to any form of sex without regard to gender. We see the person not the gender.


    I identify as a pansexual when a label is needed.



  • Spike Vincent

      Most gays are Christians?   I'm an athiest and I think most of my fellow gays  are athiest or Agnostic.  I'm sure one or two might be Christian, but I would not know it off hand.