Darwin Was a Punk

This group is for all of us who love science and counterculture scenes (punk, metal, industrial, or goth). 


Just because you are a skeptic doesn't mean you can't have tats and piercings. :)

  • Walter Maki

    So far I only have one tat, do want more just can afford. My ear has been pierced 1986. Had to give up the tongue piercing due to dental issues. I remember the punk scene when it was new. I have been a fan of metal since the '70's (yes I'm that old :P) I always enjoyed thing that expressed attitude and breaking the molds of conformity. 

    And last but not least....SCIENCE ROCKS!!!

  • Walter Maki

    I probably would have long hair...but it committed suicide and jumped off the top of my head.

    I throw some people of because I look like a redneck and have a truck. But if they think about it not one country song came from those large speakers behind the seat.....All Rock n Roll!