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  • Chris Nichols

    Just started reading "Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast" and it is interesting so far.
  • Camdaman

    Well, I have started reading "Goodbye Moon", good read.
  • MysticalChicken

    I need to finish More Information Than You Require by John Hodgman; then I'll start on The Great Derangement by Matt Taibbi.
  • MightyMateo

    I like anything with lots of pictures and cologne samples...Lol, I just finished all of Malcolm Gladwells books, very interesting. I read "Letter to a christian nation" by Sam Harris last night, its a light read. I'm getting ready to start "The inheritance" by David. E Sanger, has anyone read it yet? Is it any good?
  • Pam

    Currently reading Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdi. It's really great so far!

    Favorite authors are Neil Gaiman, Kurt Vonnegut, HP Lovecraft, Flannery O'Conner, Douglas Adams, Albert Camus, Chaucer, Aldous Huxley, ahhh I could go on and on! Most don't have anything to do with atheism.

    I'd suggest The Devil's Apocrypha by John A. De Vito for an interesting read.
  • Jimerson

    I'm reading Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid (GEB). I love it. It gives me crazy dreams.
  • Omnicide

    The Great Derangement was great... especially the southern spirit-purging parts, had me rolling. :D
  • Scott Ferguson

    currently reading, Mary Mary by James Patterson, Eclipse by Stephanie Meyers and God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.

    I started reading the Alex Cross books this January and have read all in the series up to Mary Mary which I am reading now.
  • James

    Just recieved the God Delusion today and I love it so far tho im only really thru the preface. I learned that in some versions of th e song "Imagine" they change the lyric to "and one religion too". Blasphemous.
  • Katie

    Right now I'm reading House of Leaves. It started out promising but as soon as the writing gets loopy, the storyline gets a little washed away and it becomes somewhat irritating...

    Also reading Beyond Good and Evil - just finished part 7, hoping to finish soon so I can get on to Genealogy of Morals! Good stuff except for the part dedicated to his very sexist views - but understandable for his time period... still surprising to hear those things from such a brilliant mind.

    I still need to finish the God Delusion, almost done.
  • Jason

    God's Debris (by Soctt Adams [yes the one that writes Dilbert... its kinda sad i know that]) is worth a read.
  • Omnicide

    I really liked House of Leaves... possibly the most creative novel I've ever read. Plus... I want that house!
  • Katie

    Haha the house is very creepy! (I haven't finished it yet so I don't know what happens!) But I seriously can't read it before going to bed because it has such an eerie vibe and it freaks me out! I would never be able to live in that house :P
    But yeah they book is DEFINITELY creative. Everything is so deeply explained, especially the characters.
  • Laura

    Any fans here of One Hundred Years of Solitude?
  • davesnothome

    I'm unable to see the poll results - is that the way it's setup? I ready to start reading. :p
  • CJoe

    I'm reading Altlas Shrugged and find it ironic that it is suddenly in the media spotlight because it's so applicable to the state of our economy. I like it so far :)...
  • Jason

    @ Cara: hope you enjoy Atlas. If you're new to Rand's work I'd recommend Fountainhead. I personally prefer it to Atlas, but both are brilliant works.
  • Dave G

    I'm finishing up A Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan
  • Aaron Bissell

    I have read THE GOD DELUSION, very good and interesting book.
  • Pam

    >Any fans here of One Hundred Years of Solitude?

    You bet Laura!
  • Kirstin

    wow great!
  • Kell

    how do i get the ebook that we are suppose to read? I would love to check it out!
  • Omnicide

    I was currently reading The Greatest Generation by Brokaw... but I seem to have misplaced it... I suppose it's a good thing since I should probably find new fiction to read. Thinking about reading Hater by David Moody, apparently it's excellent. I want to read Gravity's Rainbow by Pynchon, but I'm told I should wait until classes let out.
  • Katie

    i hope they serve beer in hell is so funny! haha, it's wild.
  • davesnothome

    Hey Nelson, a few of us have posted books on out home pages using ...I know you have the bomb library, maybe you could use box and share the ones that are looking tattered. I've got a lot more to put up but some of them are badly formatted from copying and I'm trying to re-do them; a possibly insane task knowing there are perfect copies laying around here.
  • davesnothome

    Megaupload is cool, I use it all the time, however, if you don't have a membership you have to suffer the slower downloads and penalty delays. You also need to access to a link. I have started using box because I saw a few other people here doing it. If you go to my page you'll see the books I have uploaded and you can upload one or all of them - they are not zipped or 'rarred" which may or may not be good.
  • davesnothome

    Go to TA main page and then to 'add applications"; will be in the list. Obviously you have to setup your box account first in order to get everything pointed correctly. Can't wait to see your library.
  • davesnothome

    NP Nelson, thanks for all your trouble giving us access to a great library.
  • Andrew the Fluffer

    God Delusion was great.

    I definitely want to read a bunch of the books you guys are describing.
  • jim

    anything by dawkins is a good read although he's a bit militant. i really like sam harris too
  • Ryan M

    i just finished God is not great. any suggestions?
  • Ryan M

  • Fluther

    Yeah, He reads it with the Mrs I think and theyre both very good readers (is she an actress or something?) ... I have Ancestors Tale and River out of Eden in audio, drop me a line if anyone wants them .....
  • Monica Anne

    I have the audio version of the god delusion on my ipod, my ex put it on my computer on our way to st louis, it was a great way to pass the time. I loved it.
    I also like the portable atheist.
  • Liam

    I audio read "God Is Not Great" Kris, I preferred the CH style to RD. Less confrontational.
  • Laura

    I audio read both God Is Not Great and The God Delusion. I thought Dawkins and Ward read The God Delusion very well. Christopher Hitchens sounded like he was half drunk - I pictured him in a satin robe, slouched in a comfy chair by the fire, drinking a brandy as he mumbled along. It turns out, his style really worked for me - I began to feel like I was in a comfy chair across from him - a private audience to his witty attack on all things religious. Good times.
  • Miles

    I am reading SuperSense: Why We Believe in the Unbelievable, by Bruce M. Hood. I happened to hear this guy being interviewed on NPR not long ago and bought the book. It is very well written and clearly explains the basis of the phenomenon of belief in the supernatural. I recommend it.
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    I'm reading "Counterknowledge: How we surrendered to conspiracy theories, quack medicine, bogus science, and fake history"
  • jen o

    Oh have fun with that one! I lean more toward Sam Harris's style of writing. I enjoyed his End of Faith It is a smaller book, and of course an easier read.

    I have yet to read God is not Great by Hitchens, but I am afraid it will get me in the dumps because most anti-religion books can do that. All the 'killing in the name of (insert god here)' makes me really sad : (
  • fixedentropy

    Robert DeVore: I read "The God Delusion" Last year and it is fantastic. Dawkins is very witty and I am thinking I might want a re-read. Have you read Christopher Hitchens "God is not Great"?
  • Rick

    Thanks for the invite...
  • Jarod Bledsoe we just tell each other what we want to read?...or is there an actual current selection? I'm here.
  • Joe

    Hey, what's the current selection? I'm personally re-reading God: The Failed Hypothesis and The God Delusion
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    It's not written by an atheist, but this book SURE supports and gives ammunition to our cause of fighting against religious intolerance: You should read: "Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalists" by: John Shelby Spong.
  • Rick

  • Reggie

    Demon Haunted World is one of my all time favorites! It was the third in a trio of books I read back to back to back that changed my life and my views of the world.
  • Don't label my essence! (Jared)

    Though it isn't exactly a book on Atheism, I highly recommend "Your Inner Fish" by Neil Shubin. It's a short (a bit less than 220 pages), humorous, and fantastically enlightening explanation of evolution and how we know what we do about it. Shubin touches on range of subjects including paleontology, developmental biology, and embryology; all the while keeping things accessible and entertaining for any level of reader. If you'd like to start learning a little bit about Evolutionary Biology then this is a great place to start.
  • Reggie

    Shubin's Your Inner Fish is a great book, too! I second that recommendation.
  • Susan Michelle

    Has anyone read a book called Reinventing the Sacred? I've just started reading it so I'm trying to withold judgement but I can't help but feel slightly annoyed. The author's contention is that particle physics (reductionism) is insufficient for explaining emergent phenomena (complexity theory). OK...there is arguably a point to be made there. What I object to is his insistence that emergent properties are unpredictable and therefore unknowable and hence we should call the phenomena "god". wtf??? I think he's being intellectually lazy and pandering to the widest possible audience by suggesting that we can all agree on this definition of god.
  • Susan Michelle

    I'm sorry I don't remember the author's name offhand. I think it's Kaufmann or Kauffman?