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  • Meghan Hamilton

    "Wicked Gods," the latest novel from Humanist Press is now available!


    Press release:

  • Don

    Allow me to suggest that anyone who enjoys mystery and suspense fiction will enjoy my Hector Bellevance series of novels.  So far there are three, COLD COMFORT (2001), THE FIFTH SEASON (2005), and THE ERRAND BOY (2009), each set in contemporary northern Vermont and each inspired by an actual crime. They're published by Harmony/Crown , a division of Random House, and available through most libraries and stores, as well as through Amazon, of course.

    My featured sleuth/hero, Bellevance, is a staunch atheist, although he is reserved in his judgments and makes little of his rejection of religion unless the situation invites comment.  The novels have all been well reviewed, although sales have not been great (it's a crowded genre).  A fourth Bellevance mystery, THE BIGFOOT HUNTER, is in the works.

  • Don

    My new YA fantasy, POLLY AND THE ONE AND ONLY WORLD, is set for release by Green Writers Press in October, but already it's been getting some local attention

    "Set in a much-diminished future America called the Christian Protectorates, a poor country ravaged by coastal flooding, drought, and cataclysmic social upheaval, the story features 15-year-old Polly Lightfoot, a maiden witch of rich heritage and tender ability in the craft. When the story opens, Polly is forced to flee New Florida, where she has taken temporary refuge to escape a military purge of the country’s infidels, pagans, and followers of false creeds. With the help of her steadfast familiar, Balthazar, a raven, and her brave teenage companion, Leon, whom she meets on the way, Polly undertakes an epic journey from the deep south to the wild north to be reunited in Vermont with her family and to save her ancient craft from obliteration."