Atheist Morality

The purpose of this group is to discuss morality from all points of view: biological, evolutionary, philosophical. Specific moral questions are also encouraged: if you have a moral question for us atheists, feel free to post it here.

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  • Pope Beanie


    Well ok, so it's not really Mohammed. But I thought I might kill two birds with one stone, with this awesome story. (Am I demented?)

  • Tony Martin

    Contrary to popular belief, Morality is not a human trait. Scientists have observed and reported on it found in other social groups in the animal kingdom... and not one of them have religion. Well, most of them. I recall a tribe of chimps worshiping the sunrise and researchers pondered if that was also our development of early religion.

  • Tony Martin

    I find religion to be a hindrance to the animal rights movement - certainly to the idea of NOT EATING FLESH. While I can cite science sources to back up my point of view (such as the recent World Health Organization objections to meat) Meat eaters often cite their bible verses to support this bad habit. Ironically, yes, I do feel morally superior to these bible thumpers.