Military Atheists

You take the Oath of Enlistment and swear to serve, so help you (G)od.
The Chaplain gives an invocation at every ceremony.
You are criticized for 'threatening the morale of your peers' with your godless ways.
Sound familiar?
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  • Sage

    Looking for friends

  • Jeremy Vore

    I was in the Oregon National Guard for 13 years and I am now trying to reenlist. I am applying for OCS and in three months I hope to be taking the oath. Have they changed the oath yet or is it still the same. I know they will put Atheist on your dog tags now. 

  • Dannan Monsell

    They told me it was optional to say the last part. I didn't say it and didn't get any weird looks or anything. Same thing with prayers in ceremonies. I choose not to bow my head. I don't get any flak for that either. If anyone would say anything, there is always freedom of religion. When I came in, my first set of dog tags said Christian nondenomination. I got a second set later and they put "No Preference". I just now finally got a pair that says "Atheist".
    On my own note: they have prayer breakfasts but no free thinker breakfasts. How would I start one of those?