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تجمع المصريين الادينين و الملحدين
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  • Mohamed Zaki

    Its frustrating alright but you get used to it and learn to deal  - adaptable species we are ;) I am sure it will all end, its just a matter of time 

  • archaeopteryx

    It sounds like an almost closed, self-sustaining system, which is difficult to destroy, as a perfect, closed, self-sustaining system permits no outside input.

    The Achilles heel lies with those Islamists sufficiently affluent  as to be able to send their children to Universities outside their respective countries, who come back with a more secular outlook, and who, by their relative affluence and superior education, may be in a better position to lead their countries out of the Islamic Dark Age. But that's a long, evolving process.

  • archaeopteryx

    My granddaughter spent her fourth grade year in elementary school, sitting at an adjoining desk with a young Islamic boy, and was hurt when his father sent him back to Pakistan to live with relatives, because he was becoming too "American." That's sad.

  • archaeopteryx

    Someone might want to pass this on to Egyptian authorities, they might learn something!

    Tunisia will not allow Islamists to impose vision: PM

    TUNIS (Reuters) - Tunisia's Islamist-led government will not allow puritanical Salafis to enforce their vision on a country grappling with the role of Islam in a once rigidly secular society, the prime minister said on Tuesday.

    "Militants who have used violence are few, but they can not impose their vision on our country and our people. We will not allow them ... Tunisia will remain moderate," Hamadi Jebali, who belongs to the Islamist Ennahda party, said in an interview.

    "We will face religious fanaticism through law and be strict with all violators without exception, but we will address the root cultural and social causes by combating poverty and creating jobs," Jebali said.

  • archaeopteryx

    I found this in an article regarding the current protest in Egypt, and liked it:

    If the Brotherhood's slogan is 'Islam is the solution' ours is 'submission is not the solution'," said Khalili, a mass communications professor at the American University in Cairo. "God does not call for submission to another man's will."

  • Mohamed Zaki

    For all people willing to stand and make a point that freedom in all its forms has those who are willing to defend it and will be in tahrir tomorrow give me a call if you wish 01097206706, Its not certain that it will work but at least so that none will regret not standing at a time when they should have.. if you think its meaningless though then i do respect your opinion and respectfully disagree..

  • Ali

    إحصائية للملحدين في العالم - حتى الآن سجل من مصر 133 فقط ، عدد أعضاء صفحتنا اكثر ! .. نرجوا تعميم الإحصائية وتوصيلها لكل ملحد مصري ليسجل نفسه
  • Hope

    Alia is nude again protesting against sharia law..

    Here http://www.thinkatheist.com/group/egyptianatheists/forum/topics/ops...

  • archaeopteryx

    I thought you guys might enjoy some comedy relief for a change - watch this:

  • Hope

    @Ach, I love this video :)

  • archaeopteryx

    Glad you liked it Hope - has anyone heard from the Egyptian guys? With everything going on there, and their absence, I'm starting to worry.

  • M

    @archaeopteryx .. thx for saking my friend .. i myslef am fine .. just has been busy moving to a new home and a new work place.

    things has been crazy here in the middle east lately .. but we r still surviving :))

  • archaeopteryx

    I think many of us just wish there was something we could do to help --

  • Mohamed Zaki

    hey archaeopteryx: thanks for asking dude, me and the others who meet are all well. 

  • archaeopteryx

    Good to know - just because you're over there, and we're over here safe and sound, doesn't mean we don't support you and worry for your safety!

  • Hope

    ~ Happy New Year ~

  • Mohamed Zaki

    @arch thanks for the support mate.. good luck 

  • Mohamed Zaki

    @hope Happy new year to you too best of luck too with the 2013

  • archaeopteryx

    Marvel, Mohamed, Hope - you people have GOT to read this guy! He's one of US!


    (he also has a "Contact Us" link)

  • Hope

    @arch Thanks for sharing..

    Maybe this guy seem like an islamophobic or something! I don't know :S..

    Islam could be dangerous ONLY if muslims had a power.. Everybody knows that they are weak right now..
    Like the Ottoman Empire, if it still exist, it would be a major threat to the west..
    Maybe Christians fear what so called (Islamic awakening) these days = That's why!

    I liked the (What is a muslim) page..
    I wrote something similar to this. It's about the history of Muslims being Jewdu-christians (Hanif) before becoming Muslims..



  • onyango makagutu

    Happy new year good people.

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    @Hope A fabulous New Year to you and yours.
  • Mohamed Zaki

    @onyango thanks and happy new year to you too

  • Mohamed Zaki

    @arch i agree with hope as long as religious ppl keep it to themselves its always fine the problem though is keeping it that way - quite a challenge with whats happening now in egypt i would say and the rest of the arab spring

  • archaeopteryx

    Marvel - Arab Spring could have been a good thing, sweeping many despotic rulers out of power, but the Islamic Brotherhood and other groups like it were poised to move in, fill the void, and seize as much power as they could. It's hard to know how it will turn out, after the dust settles.

    I understand your issue is with Islam, but mine is with Islamic extremists, who try to force their beliefs onto others. If a Muslim wants to live next door to me, practice his beliefs and leave me free to practice mine, I have no problem with that. My kids could play with his, we could get together and watch the Cowboys - just don't try to tell me what to believe.

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Please read this - Saudi Atheists need us to be aware of what is going on - and please help by signing this petition.

  • Hope

    Done! And shared.

  • Hope

    Hello friends,

    I was wondering if anyone could help a friend of mine (He's a researcher). He's writing a paper about atheism in the Middle East and he's asking if anyone is a member of ( http://www.il7ad.com ) so he can contact him..

    If you find any information about il7ad.com , could you please share it with me?

    If you wanna participate or if have any info please send me a direct message..

    Thank you.

  • archaeopteryx

    Here's SOME progress --

    Morocco announces plan to change law allowing rapists to marry underage victims

    RABAT, Morocco - Nearly a year after Morocco was shocked by the suicide of a 16-year-old girl who was forced to marry her alleged rapist, the government has announced plans to change the penal code to outlaw the traditional practice.

    Women's rights activists on Tuesday welcomed Justice Minister Mustapha Ramid's announcement, but said it was only a first step in reforming a penal code that doesn't do enough to stop violence against women in this North African kingdom.

    A paragraph in Article 475 of the penal code allows those convicted of "corruption" or "kidnapping" of a minor to go free if they marry their victim and the practice was encouraged by judges to spare family shame.

    Last March, 16-year-old Amina al-Filali poisoned herself to get out of a seven-month-old abusive marriage to a 23-year-old she said had raped her. Her parents and a judge had pushed the marriage to protect the family honour. The incident sparked calls for the law to be changed.

  • archaeopteryx

    Malala Yousafzai speaks publicly for first time since Taliban shooting

    Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl and activist who was shot in the head by a Taliban assassin on her way home from school last fall, has spoken publicly for the first time since the shooting.

    If you have not yet signed the "Malala's Hope" petition, to be delivered to the Pakistani President, the Prime Minister, and the Governor of the province in which Malala lived, please do so, and urge your friends to sign it as well. The goal is to reach one million signatures from around the world, and the tally currently stands at 891,401 - so near, but more is required.

    Malala has been nominated for the Nobel Prize.

  • hangarsinshoes

    um... Hi. I'm new here, I just discovered this site in its entirety. right to the point: I've been an ex-muslim for a few years and I'm tired of having friends I'm fake with. And my search led me here. It's pretty cool knowing there are others like me here, it gives me a shred of hope. So I'm looking forward to talking with the lot of you, be it on chat or skype, and perhaps eventually face-to-face.

  • archaeopteryx

    Welcome - we're a little bit of ex-everything here, so I'm sure you'll fit right in.

  • archaeopteryx

    Malala Yousafzai, girl shot by Taliban, released from hospital

    The Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot in the head by the Taliban in October was discharged from a British hospital Friday after undergoing major surgery.

    Malala Yousafzai, 15, was said to be recovering well following a skull reconstruction and receiving a cochlear implant to restore her hearing.

  • archaeopteryx

    Any more news on Saber?

  • Hope



    Alber Saber Released on Bail, Appeal Date Set

    A quick update on the situation facing Egyptian atheist blogger Alber Saber, who was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to three years in prison last week.

    Daily News Egypt reports that Alber was released on bail yesterday, set at 1,000 Egyptian pounds (about $162). The troubling part (and everything about this case is troubling) is that this bail was paid a week ago, and yet the court kept Alber locked up in jail for no apparent reason. His lawyers are not happy about this.

    Alber’s defense team will appeal his conviction, with a date set for January 26th, 2013.

    Daily News Egypt also notes that these kinds of charges about offending religious feelings have been on the rise under the presidency of Mohamed Morsi.


  • archaeopteryx

    Good to know, Hope - he's really lost weight, hasn't he? Who knows what he's been subjected to. 3years is absurd for saying, "I don't believe in fairy tales."

    Malala's petition stands at nearly 893,000 now, with a lot of signatures coming from Brazil.

  • Hope

    Yeah, he looked very different... And I'm glad to hear about Malala! How many signatures do they need?

  • archaeopteryx

    She still needs 107.000 - 90% there!

  • Hope

    I have just met one of Alber's friends,, and I invited him to join us here! =)

    Ismail Mohamed http://www.thinkatheist.com/profile/IsmailMohamedMohamed?xg_source=...

  • Hope

    He says that Alber is fine and he uses his FB account from time to time,, and he's currently in Europe.

  • archaeopteryx

    Good to hear - tell him we would be honored to have Saber join us as well.

    BTW - Malala's petition is now at 893,115, so if any still haven't signed, please do: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/malalahopenew/?aXQmmeb

  • archaeopteryx

    I think many will find this interesting:

    "Now 20, she asked to go by the name Samya. If her true identity were known, Samya believes, her family would seek her out and possibly kill her. They would certainly try to persuade her — if not force her — to come home.

    "Her parents, she said, think she is guilty of two serious crimes: She rejected a marriage arranged by her father, who came to the U.S. from the Middle East when Samya was an infant. And perhaps more serious to her parents: She has become an atheist."

    (Read the whole story)

  • archaeopteryx

    Pakistani Teen Malala Yousafzai to Author Book

    The Pakistani teenager who survived an assassination attempt and inspired a worldwide movement for girls' education will soon become a published author.
    Malala Yousafzai, 15, says she wants her book, I Am Malala, to reveal and help children across the world who still struggle to get to school.
    "I want to tell my story, but it will also be the story of 61 million children who can't get education," she said in a statement released by her British publisher, Weidenfeld and Nicolson. "I want it to be part of the campaign to give every boy and girl the right to go to school. It is their basic right."

    Malala's petition now stands at 894,080 - if anyone hasn't yet signed it, or knows anyone who hasn't, the URL is https://secure.avaaz.org/en/malalahopenew/?aXQmmeb

  • Baher Reyad

    طيب بالنسبة اننا مش بنشوف بعض واحنا أصلاً community شبه مش موجود؟ ممكن نتجمع في خروجه طيب ولا إيه؟ 

  • Hope

    @Baher Reyad  ما فهمت عليك

  • Hope

    Jon Stewart Destroys Egyptian president Morsi Defending His Friend Bassem Youssef

  • Mohamed Zaki

    @baher we do meet already pal

    @Hope yh that was hilarious

  • archaeopteryx

    Hey, Mohammed, haven't heard from you in a while - everything OK?

  • Mohamed Zaki

    hey arch yeah all is alright was just busy with work.. hope all is well on your end.. appreciate you asking mate :)

  • archaeopteryx

    RE: "hope all is well on your end.." - I'm fine, we got rid of our egomaniacal dictator four years ago, it's you I'm worried about --:)