الملحـدين المصـريين - Egyptian Atheists

تجمع المصريين الادينين و الملحدين
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  • ahmed

    Hi ... i am really glad to see a group of atheists who are not just egyptians but are more concerned in the problems we face in our community and supporting each other more than just trying to convince everyone that god does not exist ... I am also glad that you are able to meet ... i guess most of you are living in cairo but for someone like me who lives in lower egypt i feel like meeting even a secular or even just a liberal person is imposible ... most people here are very very religious it would not be a problem if they could accept me the way i am but they could not ... however i still love all the people here around me and i would not be able to stand being hated by them so i continue pretending being muslim but i can't pretend being religious that is too much for me i would take showing out as a liberal with some secularity and the basis of mild sides of islam ... i dropped prays except for friday pray my family annoyed me a little but it still fine and our relation is pretty good ..... i would like to ask you have you ever known or just heard about atheists or even just seculars in lower egypt because sometimes l feel kind of alone here .... have anyone of you told his family that he or she is atheist ... how did they react ... and for secret atheists how do you trust each other guys because i could imagine alot of people who would happily pretend being atheist to expose you for the sake of their god and for taking revenge from your (evilness)
  • Bruce Williams

    Would like to visit Alexandria this summer. How are things for Atheists there? There is a post about looking to put Atheists in jail and another about a person speaking on TV. So, not to sure?

  • Helium

    Happy Eid everyone :P