Atheist Philosophers

A place where Atheists who are interested in philosophy can talk about a diversity of subjects such as epistemology, free will, the meaning of life, ethics, etc.
  • Mark Stout

    No problem.
  • Jason Wagner

    Hey all. I don't have much to add at this exact moment, but I thought I'd offer a podcast up for your listening pleasure. Philosophy Bites is available on iTunes and at Great stuff with lots of Atheistic and discussion.
  • Mike Donohoe

    Hello. Looks like an interesting group. I hope you can tolerate a non atheist. I do not follow any religion and find science to be overall quite valid and interesting although there are aspects of it such as The Big Bang occurring spontaneously from nothing and the assumed existence of such things as the Planck Length that I find quite dubious. If you would rather not have an outsider among you feel free to stone me or burn me at the stake or what have you. I would suggest crucifixion as well although I think that might backfire in the long run. Joke. =) Mike.
  • Clifford Stanley Heath jr

    Christians pray for the world , Atheist try to fix it
  • Jeromy Hyatt

    Hey guys come check out my new group and contribute if you would like i'd very much appreciate it

  • Kelly

    I am just over half way through my course in Existentialism.  It's rad.  My favorites are Sartre and Heidegger; but I like Kierkegaard too, because even though he is a christian he is against the bourgeois-conformist version of it that most people end up being a part of.

  • Arturo Narro

    Has anyone else read "A Secular Age" by Charles Taylor?


    A good group

  • Bo Fowler