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  • Johnny

  • Cheryl Pantano

    Johnny, good short video. Being Vegetarian, I agree. I always like to try to make a colorful plate.
  • Sydni Moser

    Love Fresh Vegetables? How about growing your own? If you are already a seasoned gardener or would like to learn to become one, join the Green Gardening Group and share your talents and learn new tips.
  • Sydni Moser

    You might be interested to check out this discussion, Deconstructing 'Myths About Suicide' that I posted in The Thinking Ape.

    Psychologist Thomas Joiner has studied suicide his entire professional life — and says much of what we assume about suicide is wrong. In Myths About Suicide, Joiner explains why we have so many misconceptions about this heart-wrenching facet of human behavior.
  • Sydni Moser

    'Green' exercise quickly 'boosts mental health'

    From BBC News:

    Just five minutes of exercise in a "green space" such as a park can boost mental health, researchers claim.
  • GOPI KANTA GHOSH is great...but what shall we do in a city without green space?
  • Sydni Moser

    Do check out this discussion: DAIRY: 6 Reasons You Should Avoid It at All Costs or Why Following the USDA Food Pyramid Guidelines is Bad for Your Health (VIDEO)
  • Sydni Moser

    Check out this article, Are Organic Foods Worth the Price? And Do They Live up to the Hype? in the Vegetarian and Vegan Group. LINK
  • Sydni Moser

    Treeman: Search For The Cure

    36-year old, Dede, from Indonesia is afflicted with a terrible disease that is encasing his body with tree like roots.

    Thick branch like growths on his hands and feet make him incapable of carrying out even the simplest tasks. He can no longer work, therefore, he cannot provide financially for his 2 teenage children.

    The tree like roots on Dede’s body grow up to 5cm a year and he has hundreds of smaller growths all over his face and body.

    American dermatologist, Dr Gaspari, hears of Dede’s story and goes to Indonesia to meet Dede. He finds that Dede suffers from the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), or common warts.

    Dede’s case is extreme, because he has a low immune deficiency that has allowed the virus to flourish to a massive, deforming infection.

    Though Dr. Gaspari offers to try to cure Dede with drug treatments, Indonesian doctors have moved forward with surgeries to remove Dede’s warts.

    Watch the full documentary HERE:
  • Sydni Moser

    Film Description:
    American agriculture has in many respects been the envy of the world. U.S. agri-business consistently produces more food on less land and at cheaper cost than the farmers of any other nation. What could possibly be wrong with that? According to the growing ranks of organic farmers, “slow food” activists and concerned consumers cited in the new documentary Food, Inc., the answer is “plenty.” As recounted in this sweeping, shockingly informative documentary, sick animals, environmental degradation, tainted and unhealthy food and obesity, diabetes and other health issues are only the more obvious problems with a highly mechanized and centralized system that touts efficiency — and the low costs and high profits that result from it — as the supreme value in food production.

    Continue Reading Here:

    WATCH the Preview Here:

    WATCH "Food Inc." on Netflix as a Play Now Selection HERE:

    Watch Filmmaker Robert Kenner talk about why he made Food, Inc. (16:37) on PBS Here:
  • Sydni Moser

    Watch the FULL documentary, FOOD INC. on Youtube:
  • Sydni Moser

    Do you know that you can watch, The Botany Of Desire on Netflix as a 'play-now' selection?

  • Sydni Moser

  • Sydni Moser

    Food Expert Michael Pollan Plays 'Not My Job'

    Listen to This Funny Yet Informative Game Show (9 min.) on NPR (or read the transcript) HERE:
  • Sydni Moser

    Happy Birthday!
    A folk group performs for 130-year-old Antisa Khvichava, a Georgian women, on her birthday; she is currently being confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the worlds oldest person. The previous contender was a 114-year-old women from Japan.

    Read more:,29409,2002667_2163132,...
  • Sydni Moser

    Mosquito Repellents

    Summer is not the only thing in full swing right now. If you live anyplace except a desert, you're likely to be plagued by mosquitoes.

    I hate the little buggers - but I hate putting toxic pesticides on my body even more, even if they do a great job keeping mosquitoes at bay. I decided to test three botanically-based options against a conventional repellent that uses DEET as its main ingredient and see if I could come up with a safer alternative.

    I lined up Burt's Bees, essential lavender oil, vanilla extract out of my pantry, and DEET-based Cutter. I've used Buzz Away in the past, and found that it worked for about half an hour at a time, so didn't re-test it this time around.

    I sprayed one leg with Burt's Bees and the other leg with Cutter, which contains 21.85% DEET. I rubbed about a half-teaspoon of vanilla extract on my left arm, and dotted my right arm with the lavender essential oil. Then I went down to my very buggy garden to test the effectiveness of each repellent.

    To my surprise, the mosquitoes swarmed to the leg that was sprayed with Burt's Bees. Nothing at all alit anywhere else.

    So, on the herbal side, at least for me, vanilla extract and essential oil of lavender worked as well at keeping biting bugs at bay as did the Cutter, and far better than Burt's Bees.

    Certainly, the results were convincing enough that I would recommend you making your own mosquito repellent at home. It's easy to combine a few drops of essential oils and some rubbing alcohol or water in a small spray bottle.

    Here are more specific directions, along with additional background information on problems associated with using DEET, and recommendations on other botanically-based repellents you can try.
  • Sydni Moser

    Ellen Gustafson: Obesity + Hunger = 1 global food issue

    Watch This TED Talk Full Screen HERE:

    Co-creator of the philanthropic FEED bags, Ellen Gustafson says hunger and obesity are two sides of the same coin. At TEDxEast, she launches The 30 Project -- a way to change how we farm and eat in the next 30 years, and solve the global food inequalities behind both epidemics.

    Why you should listen to her:

    Ellen Gustafson co-founded FEED Projects in 2007, creating an immensely popular bag whose profits are donated to the UN World Food Program (WFP). As a former employee of the WFP, she supported their mission to provide school lunches in developing countries so that children could receive both the nutrition and education they need. FEED has also created special bags and a new fund to address the crisis in Haiti, helping the children they once fed at school to rebuild their schools.

    At TEDxEast in May 2010, Gustafson launched The 30 Project -- an effort to address the world’s hunger and obesity problems as a holistic global food issue. In her new venture, she hopes to stimulate a movement that will change our food and agricultural systems over the next 30 years so that healthy, balanced meals are available to all. Before her efforts to fix the world’s food issues, Gustafson’s primary concern was international security. She wrote and edited pieces on international terrorism for ABC and was a research associate at the Council on Foreign Relations.

    "Children around the world are suffering from malnutrition, despite there being enough food for everyone. "
    ~Ellen Gustafson
  • Kevin Hamlin

    I had to go to the hospital for Kidney Stones today. One of the security guards told me that I should start praying while I was on my way out... -_-
  • Sydni Moser

    Hi Kevin, sure is a lot of praying going on in hospitals... When my daughter when in for surgery they have you fill out a form and one question asked for your religion. My daughter (18) wrote NONE. A couple of times the nurses asked her if she wanted to speak with a minister, and told them emphatically NO. Wouldn't you know it but a minister showed up to talk with her anyway! She was so upset that they didn't respect her wishes....

    Kevin, I know that kidney stones are very painful, I hope you are feeling OK now???
  • Dennis Paul Renner

    I shared this with our Atheist Meat Lovers group. I considered it a public service. I expect to be kicked out of their group very promptly.
  • Sydni Moser

    Dennis, the cruelty we inflict on our fellow earthlings so totally disgusts and humiliates me that it's beyond my ability to know how to reconcile my feelings of hatred for my own species, with my feelings of affection and compassion for them as well?
  • Sydni Moser

    More information:
    Micro and nanotechnologies are revolutionising medicine
    'Almost invisible' tools are being developed by European researchers to discover diseases earlier and to treat patients better. The miniaturisation of instruments to micro and nano dimensions promises to make our future lives safer and cleaner. A team of European researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Technologies Institute near Saarbruecken is using nanotechnology to improve diagnostic capabilities. In the "Adonis"-project, nano-sized gold particles are used to detect prostate cancer cells at an early stage.
  • Kevin Hamlin

    Thanks for asking, Sydni. They gave me morphine to help take the edge off the pain, but today it is back with a vengeance =/
  • Sydni Moser

    Are they waiting for it to pass on it's own? Has to be absolute agony. I'd demand sufficient pain meds to better cope. So sorry you are having this trouble Kevin.
  • Kevin Hamlin

    Yeah, Sydni. It's only 3mm so it's small enough to pass on it's own. My dad had a 9mm one once, and they had to go up there and stick a stent in his ureter. He was peeing blood clots for 2 weeks. That's pretty much why I started running, and dieting. :)
  • Sydni Moser

    Washing Raw Chicken Actually Increases Food Poisoning Risk

    By axfollmer
    July 27, 2010

    Washing raw chicken before cooking it, a common practice in much of the world, may actually increase your risk of spreading harmful bacteria around your kitchen, according to a new study from Britain.

    British health authorities estimate that as much as 65 percent of store-bought chicken meat is contaminated with campylobacter, the most commonly-identified cause of food-borne illness in the U.K.

    Cooking chicken meat properly kills the nasty bacteria that can lead to stomach illness and diarrhea. But the new study from the U.K. showed that washing chicken meat could spread the campylobacter across a 3-foot radius in the kitchen, potentially contaminating other work surfaces and foods.

    A spokeswoman for the British health authorities had this warning for consumers:

    ''Washing raw poultry is a common kitchen mistake, and it simply isn't necessary. Tap water won't get rid of the germs that cause food poisoning but they will be killed by thorough cooking. By washing your raw bird, you're actually more likely to spread the germs around the kitchen than get rid of them.''

    British authorities are looking for ways to wash bacteria off chicken meat before it reaches stores, but no method has been approved yet by European regulators.

    Great information Sydni...thanks
  • Sydni Moser

    Is your doctor's religion relevant?
    August 26, 2010

    The religious beliefs of doctors strongly influence the decisions they make when people are close to death, according to research published in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

    Professor of medical sociology Clive Seale and cross bench peer Baroness Finlay debate whether patients should take an interest in their doctor's religious beliefs.

    LISTEN to this (5.5 min.) Discussion HERE:
  • Sydni Moser

    Morgue Ad Targets McDonald's

    On a slab at the morgue, the deceased man’s hand still clutches his partially eaten fast food burger as a woman weeps.

    It is a startling image, one meant to get your attention. The video makes its point in a mere 39 seconds. Fast food is going to kill you. But it doesn’t stop there. The famous golden arches, along with the words, “I was lovin’ it,” makes it clear that Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is taking aim at fast food giant McDonald’s.

    The only spoken words in the ad are, “High cholesterol. High blood pressure. Heart attacks. Tonight, make it vegetarian.”
  • Sydni Moser

    Another Coup For Caffeine
    - and one more reason to love your French press. Drinking coffee may reduce your risk of diabetes by preventing the development of high blood-sugar levels and increasing sensitivity to insulin, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

    What about cholesterol?
  • Sydni Moser

    @Adriana - What a success story! Wow, that doesn't take a 'little' inspirations, that takes pure determination. Wish I had a quarter of the oomph that he had....
  • T A A

    @Sydni - Odd the coffee report, about a year and half ago, an opposite study came out, indicating that cafeine caused blood sugar to rise (not related to any added sugar to the cup) "just like diabetes", in the same way that sleep deprivation tests cause temporary diabetes conditions. I'll have to search for that study.

    Just goes to prove... nutritional studies just contradict themselves year after year for decades now, they seem completely untrustworthy. It makes me think that there are research biases based on funding.
  • Sydni Moser

    Poor Mouse...

    A mouse in a loaf of Hovis Best of Both bread which was bought by Stephen Forse, from Kidlington, Oxfordshire, purchased online from Tesco, through a store in Bicester. Mr Forse was sickened when he found a dead mouse in his loaf of bread while making sandwiches for his children. The father-of-two thought the bread was just discoloured but on closer inspection saw the object was covered in fur
  • T A A

  • T A A

    If I was Eisntein I'd be so depressed at being used for marketing bread. :(

    Right T A A
  • Sydni Moser

  • T A A

    ya what is more surprising is the number of atheists who have enshrined doctors as our new gods... it took doctors two years of testing my poop for parasites before they finally clued in that I was lactose intolerant!!!

    Doctors are quite gollible by nature, medical school favors students with high rote memory skills over skepticism and logic. Doctors will repeat whatever the pharmaceutical rep who dropped by their office on any given day to give them free samples that day says...
  • T A A

    Aggravating! that is a word I could probably make much more use of. Yes when things we generally already know make a new mark on psyche... I've had an aggrating year!
  • Don

    Not that it matters much, but kindly allow a language guy to point out here that "aggravate" primarily means to make worse, or to burden (to add weight to), not to annoy. The word has been one of the more commonly misused words in English for some time, and my raising this sort of objection is, I recognize, a lost cause. (It can mean to irritate in the rather minor sense of inflammation or infection--which suggests an injury made worse.) The language does evolve, of course, sometimes in aggravating ways.
  • Don

    Yeah, DG, I do miss your old group back on A|N.

    (But it's "I don't mind YOUR pointing that out..." ;) "Pointing that out" is a gerund; it functions as a noun, and it must take a possessive pronoun. Otherwise, what you've got is a usage error known as a fused participle.)
  • Sydni Moser

    The feature film Forks Over Knives -- -- examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods.
  • T A A

    @Don... or to burden (to add weight to

    This is exactly the context I used it in... it is exactly the film's effect on me...

  • Hope

    Very interesting map!
  • Hope


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  • T A A

    There is one issue that picture. Not sure how it is in the rest of the world, but in Canada, "free range" has no daily number of hours of free ranging. It is indeed a label found on eggs, but it is an empty standard. According to my butcher, who's brother raises and sells "free range" eggs in Alberta, their free range time is the walk from the cage to the slaughter house.