This is group dedicated to all of those who enjoy the books and documentaries of professor Dawkins. Richard Dawkins is one of the world's most widely publicized atheists. He is a prominent critic of religion, creationism and pseudoscience.

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  • Stephen

    An April 4th Update from Richard

    First, thank you for the (c 1300) lovely birthday wishes that you have sent in to

    Also for the (c 500) good wishes for my recovery at I seem to be recovering according to plan. The physiotherapist and other aftercare therapists have completed their six weeks of home visits. At least one of them came to my house every single day except weekends, which I think is astonishingly good service, considering that it was all totally free, on the NHS, as was my stay in hospital complete with scans and specialist medical attention. I can now type with both hands, fast but still inaccurately. Still get tired, still can’t sing (not a great hardship), still speak croakily. My balance is improving with physio exercises such as impersonating a stork standing on one leg. And I can ride my bike, albeit a little unsteadily on tight corners. Blood pressure still veers toward the high side, despite medication, and I’m under orders to avoid long distance travel or getting involved in controversy. Controversy? Moi?

  • Stephen

    That's one thing I like about Richard Dawkins, even with all his wealth from all the books he has wrote he still uses the NHS he really supports the idea of  social medicine. After all he could have used his wealth to gain privilege and jump ahead of people. Good for him I say. 

  • SteveInCO

    Ancestor's Tale updated?  Well, gotta go for it.

    I have zero doubt, by the way, that his celebrity status is causing NHS to be sure they give him the best service possible, anyway.  Just like USPS made sure Ann Landers got her mail with no fuss.  She was useful to them, retorting in a column read by millions, to people who complained about their shitty service.