African/Black Atheists and Believers

The purpose of this group is to explore, debate, and share how various religions have impacted African/Black communities throughout the world. Membership is not limited to African/Black atheists or believers.
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  • Bakari Chavanu

    Adriana, I don’t have a icon in mind yet, but if you do, I‘m definitely open to adding it. I didn’t even realize that an icon could be added for the group. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • Ty Ditto

    Just wanted to say hello as a newbie and curious how many people are in the NY area and are there any black atheist social groups etc. if not It would be nice to hear how you all are doing and dealing with being a minority of an minority. I am the only black Atheist I personally know lol! so it would be nice to meet or at least chat with others.  How do you deal? where do we meet? Is there a committee  or some sort and is Neil Degrause Tyson our leader? Lmao!!
  • Gerard R. Johnson

    African/Black Atheist and Believers is the name of this group is this to imply there is a unity between theist and atheist? if so please explain.