Atheistic Buddhists

This is a group for Buddhists who are also Atheists.
  • Andrew Brown

    My Buddhist friend defined Buddhism is one sentence; Buddhism follows nature.

    It took me years to be able to accept this statement and understand all of the context which it brings. Buddhism is just one of the Human treasures which must be preserved for the future generations.

  • Fred Hampton

    Hi.  I am an atheist 'meditationist'.  Which means, I don't follow the Buddhist religion per say, though I know a few things about it.  I just meditate, which is an empirical technique, not a religion or philosophy.  I think for myself.

    I am interested in this notion of "Nirvana" that the Buddhists like to talk about all the time(though I don't normally talk about it)--and that's why I meditate:  to see if IT exists.

    I don't wear long flowing saffron dresses, or play the harmonium or sitar or tabla, or ride an elephant or try to shake dust out of a clay urn, or chant and read Sanskrit or shave my head or observe strict veganism(though I used to), or avoid profanity or pontificate on the 'meaning if Life' all day or "send out positive energy" or try to talk to Krishna or Vishnu--well, I guess the latter is a Hindu guy anyway, so that wouldn't work if one is a Buddhist.

    I find that meditation has many positive effects for me, though I'm still somewhat of a moody SOB.

    Das it.