Nashville-Davidson, Tenn. Atheists

Welcome Nashville-Davidson, Tenn. Atheists!
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  • Jason Paisley

    Most people don't even know Think Atheist exists.

  • JoAnna

    I haven't posted or participated here in a while, and, and I want to change that. Maybe it's easy to forget, because it's only online, not "Face-to-Face"?

    I held a brunch at my house a couple years ago, and it was fun... I think it might be time to do that again!

    Last time I did it, everyone either brought something to share, or chipped in $5 per person.  People brought stuff like fruit, donuts, juice & champagne, and I made eggs, bacon, pancakes, scones, muffins, etc. (from scratch - I'm a chef)

    Would anyone be interested?  I think about 15 people showed up, (there was crossposting through the other atheist/secular groups)

    I'm thinking maybe July 7th? ...but since that's a holiday weekend maybe July 21?

    What do you think?  I live near Pulaski, TN, about 90 mins south of Nashville and 60 mins north of Huntsville, AL.

  • Nancy Geiser

    Hello everyone!  I am new to the community and I would really like to get involved.  www.facebook/believersvsnonbelievers