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  • Andrew DeLong

    hello new york city atheist! my name is Andrew and I was just putting out feelers to see if anybody would have an open couch for my wife and I to occupy in mid july? We're from Columbus, Ohio and we've bought plane tickets to the city but our accommodations fell through due to work obligations. We're really looking forward to the vacation and really don't wanna have to cancel and we're also of the, shall we say, poverty class. I'd like to think we're considerate and not creepy or strange but I'm a bit biased to be sure. If anyone can help it would be highly appreciated! thanks!
  • David Bentley

    Long time Atheist, first time poster! Hi all.

  • sadiqa thornton

    Anyone in NYC please help. I require help with housing. My sister has decided to run down to Family Court and get an order of protection and force me out of my Mother's house. I was staying with my Mother and Sister after a fire in the building where I was living in Harlem.
    She has made statements that I am the "Devil" and "crazy" and I need help to stop/ cure me of my atheism. If anyone has a spare bedroom or know of another atheist who can accommodate me while I deal with this crap and acquire housing, it would be greatly appreciated. Please PM me if you can help with housing and/or legal referral for an attorney who can help. She has changed the locks to the apartment where I was operating my computer business and will not let my Mother and Sister help me move my belongings and business equipment out of the home. Apparently because I am an atheist, I am immoral, and my business should not operate because OBVIOUSLY it is illegal because it is mine. Oh and also she is saying that I am a prostitute and have no right to housing because it is illegal for me to live in the home. Bear in mind I am not a prostitute. She also called me a dyke and I am disgusting for watching lesbian porn....every bat shit crazy attack most religious crazies use against women. If anyone can help, even a couch to sleep on so I am not spending 60/day on a hotel room.