Atheist Guitar Lovers

Do you play guitar? Even if you're not the next Jimi Hendrix and just play guitar for recreation and enjoyment only, this is a group for those of us in TA who speak guitar.

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  • Unseen

    I moved from Cleveland to Portland, OR recently. (Or, rather, I moved back, since I lived in Portland for 35 years.) You always break or lose things when you do a move, especially a long move. In my case, my beloved Squier Surf Green Surfcaster is gone. Either stolen by one of the Craigslist movers who helped me or it might have fallen off the back of the truck that day I took off without remembering to latch the sliding door on the back of the truck. But I doubt that it fell off the truck because I don't remember it being anywhere near the door. I'm buying a new one. Grrrr.

  • _Robert_

    @Karl, very good stuff !

  • Unseen

    @Karl - That is good stuff but I don't get the guitar connection. If you'd like to show your stuff to a wider audience of TA artists, post some examples and a link on this thread.