Bible Belt Atheists

For Atheists in the Southern United State but anyone can join.

  • Allen

    Welcome to anyone who joins.
  • Conner Carlson

    Oklahoma City is here! lol
  • JJ

    Middle of Georgia resident.
  • JJ

  • Dave G

    Atlanta Georgia, checking in.
  • Pam

    Current resident of east TN and 24 years in north MS.
  • Frink

    Heh, you might want to extend that map a little further north. In central IL, the fundies be bangin.
  • Caers

    Used to live in North Carolina and Oklahoma (among many other states) but currently and permanently back home in northern England.
  • vjack

    After living on the West Coast until finishing college, I'm in Mississippi now. Let's just say I understand culture shock.
  • Caers

    \o/ Well, I missed my mum and sisters. :D And Spain is just a hop skip and a jump away.
  • JJ

    Got the map from Wikipedia, and I suck at photoshop.......

    Caers, I get to go the middle of England in a few months for a few weeks doing an installation. Most specifically the East Midlands Airport, sort of south west of Derby. I'm pretty excited, its my first trip to Europe. Hows the weather around those parts in February-March?
  • JD5DAD

    Manchester,Tn home of Bonnaroo just joined
  • Muhsin Cooper

    I'm reppin Greensboro, NC
  • jen o

    hey guys! i live in cleveland TN! the church of god headquarters is right down the road from my house, i am so blessed to be near such a holy place!!!!...............jk!!!
  • G Orchard

    Representing in Springfield, MO. Home of Assemblies of God Headquarters.

  • Galen

    Another Macon, GA resident here. Hi!
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Not in the south... but live in cincinnati... a notoriously conservative city.
    Can I join... I think I live in a mini bible belt... lol
  • Ashli Axtell

    Macon, GA represent!
  • Alan BH

    New to the group. Representing Tega Cay, SC (20 miles south of Charlotte, NC).
  • shiny

    piedmont missouri here... very very religious town just above the bootheel
  • Chuck G

    Dallas here, right below the buckle!
  • Cannabliss

    Charlotte, North Carolina where Billy Graham was born. I have actually been to his library.
  • Murky Waters

    Texas Hill Country :) Not saying its bad here but after I post this I have to drive or they will close in using gps.
  • Naughtypagan72

    Kingsport TN - and damn is it boring here :p
  • Chuck VonDerAhe

    Grayson, KY ?? Go Big Blue !!! They looked a little rough last night, but give 'em time.
  • Will Hesse

    Another lucky OKC citizen here, woot woot!
  • Linda Turnipseed

    Clanton, Alabama here. "The Heart of the Heart of Dixie!" Need I say more?
  • Bleacheddecay


    IDK how far away from Birmingham or Tuscaloosa you are but both have Atheist or Freethinker groups that you can find on
  • Desirai

    I grew up in Alabama (told all my life I'm going to hell) and moved to GA after I graduated HS. It isn't as bad in GA. People accept homosexuality (something that was lynch-worthy in AL) and I don't near as many churches, and my college doesn't even have a screaming group of rabid religious nuts.
  • Janice Goings

    Transplanted atheist Tarheel, living in CA but my heart's in Carolina in the Morning
  • Robert Tobin

    I actually live in Australia. I havebeen to the USA in 1968/69 and drove 8000 miles from Detroit to Florida Keys, across the Bible Belt to the West Coast.

    I do know how Atheist are treated there. I have/had a friend in Florida in St. Petersburg who, as a well known Atheist who could not get employment and got kicked out of his home. I have lost contact with him. The last I heard from him he was considering Suicide and I fear he did it.
    I have no desire to revisit the United Christian States of America.
  • Robert Tobin

    "North Carolina where Billy Graham was born."

    Now I heard that 46% of Americans believe the Sermon on the Mount was preached by Billy Graham, not Jesus as in the Holey Babble.
  • Shamar Hawkins

    The Earth is Flat! And Other False Beliefs Based on Dogma and Pseudoscience that Stress the Need for Critical Thinking
  • Linda Turnipseed

    Hello, Jady! i am your Clanton neighbor. You don't know how hard I have been trying to find a local (well, kinda local) fellow freethinker! They are surely hard to locate around here. Would love to hear from you.
  • Chuck VonDerAhe

    McElroy's 1Samuel 15:3 EyeBlack (Now go and smite them,
    and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not;
    but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox
    and sheep, camel and ass
    ) TRUMPS Tebow's John 16:33 (These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have
    peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good
    cheer; I have overcome the world.).
  • Chuck VonDerAhe

    .... and the Oscar,

    For best impersonation of Glen Beck goes to TEBOW !

  • Chuck VonDerAhe

    jebus likes bama better...
  • Linda Turnipseed

    I know, Jady. I was about to order my atheist 'A' until I realized that everyone would just think that I was a Tide fan! : - ) I AM sometimes a Tide fan, sometimes an Auburn fan, sometimes a Georgia fan (I graduated from UGA) but decided not to waste my money on the red atheist A as everyone would just take it as declaring my loyalty to a football team!
  • Chuck VonDerAhe

    That's why I wear this instead (from the Aheist Alliance International). will post pics of my "dogtags" later... heading out right now.

  • Amber

    Woohoo, I am so glad to have found this group!! I live in Georgia, where they beat those bibles pretty hard.
  • Robert Tobin

    That too is why I did not buy the badge. Australians would wonder what it is. To me it looks like the Communication clips in StarTrek. I have the Atheist Nexus T-Shirts. I also have a name tag from the First Church of Atheism (Philidelphia) declaring that I am a Minister. I challenge anyone in the Bible Belt of the United Christian States of America to wear those in public. I can smell the gunpowder now.

    And BTW Amber, I don't beat bibles I TEAR THEM UP.
  • Allen

    Glad you like Amber. :) Hope Everyone enjoys the end of the year how ever you celebrate it. mmm Eggnog
  • Ben Lauer

    Our views of a cosmic god are about as worthwhile as those of a chick's on the world outside his shell before he has broken through it.

    Nice to know there are other people out there who are rational enough not to send their thoughts and prayers up a beanstalk :)
  • Christopher McGuire

    Jacksonville, AR here. Transplanted from Detroit, MI by the USAF. The two first things I realized here are that
    1. People down here are ON AVERAGE (I know I'll catch hell for this one, but I don't care) not as intelligent as they are back home. And...
    2. The people here are exponentially more religious here than they are up north.
    I kind of find it entertaining here, because I am a very active anti-theist, and take great fun in debating religion with the masses. I'm a very out-spoken atheist (bumper stickers, apparel, etc.) and when I lived in Michigan, no one cared. Here in Arkansas, I get attacked nearly every day over it. If you ladies and gents ever need a strong ally and are in the area, feel free to contact me, as I've caught it from every angle and would consider myself a 'seasoned atheist.' Anyway, have a great day.
    Your friendly neighborhood Atheist,
  • Robert Tobin

    Christopher McGuire:

    Jesus mate you are GAME. A friend I had in St.Petersburg Florida was refused employment and kicked out of his home just because he was Atheist.

    So much for "Freeom of Religion" and "Freedom of Speech" in the United Christian States of America.
  • ADiFatta

    How do you let your family know without upsetting them, or should you? I don't want my family preaching to my son, but I have to explain why if I open that can of worms.
  • Morgan-LynnGriggs Lamberth

    I;m also Skeptic Griggsy, whose posts one can easily find by Googling that mioniker. Also Google Carneades, Theodorus and Thales amongst others @Bloggers,y'all.
  • Linda Turnipseed

    Here's food for thought. I live in Alabama and love the weather in the south. I DO NOT like the cold. However, sometimes I have pipe dreams about leaving this backwards state (all of you know the many reasons for getting away from the close-minded south). I would love to find a more liberal, non-religious place to live but it seems all those places are in cold climates. I'm thinking of Sweden, Denmark, etc. Does anyone know of an atheist's paradise with tropical weather? Let me hear your suggestions.
  • Brandon Falcon

  • Linda Turnipseed

    Since when is Louisiana not in the south? I'm thinking tropical beaches.