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For Atheists in the Southern United State but anyone can join.

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  • Ozark Atheist

    Hey, I'm from southern Missouri.  The one thing I'd love to see before I die is more (well, any) opportunities for community for our kind in rural America.  Wouldn't it be cool if young people in the country who were considering leaving the faith had places to go and people to talk to?


  • Ken Hughes

    I organized the Wise Free Thinkers and Skeptics MeetUp group in Decatur, Wise County, Texas a little over a year ago for that specific reason.  Although we're only about 40-miles from Fort Worth, Wise County is still considered a "rural" county as there are only 64K or so people living here.  From my home one can almost see only one other home but only in the winter.

    We are starting a membership drive to heighten our profile to get the message out to other like-minded folks that there's a local support group waiting for their participation.  I am a very high profile atheist, probably the highest in the county.  I tell people that I'm a "Card-carrying atheist" and prove it by handing them a card that has ATHEOS under my name. 

    We meet every other Sunday @ 1230 in the local Starbucks; "come on down"!  One the off Sunday we join the Denton Atheist MeetUp group @ Banters in Denton just 22-miles to our east and I am the co-organizer of that group; we're trying.

  • Katie Mac - Upstate Atheists

    Upstate SC Mythmas Party!! Come join us! We are having our annual Mythmas Party in upstate South Carolina.....Come join us!!