Chattanooga Freethought Association

Freethinkers, atheists group in the Chattanooga, TN area. We actually do stuff together monthly, if you are near our area come join us!
  • Karen

    Great to see this group on thinkatheist. Thanks for starting it Jen!
  • jen o

    No problem, anything I can do to help the group progress and grow = )
  • Tracy Hamilton

    I guess I could change my prof pic if ya'll are gonna be all SERIUOS like!
  • JD5DAD

    thanks for the invite
  • Tracy Hamilton

    There is a meeting TONIGHT (sorry for the late notice) @ 7:00pm at the Applebee's on GA 2A in Ft Oglethorpe GA for the TN Rationalist Dinner Club. This is a group being organized by a nice gal named Heather. Please attend if you can & meet some like minded folks!
  • Tyler

    I am from Chattanooga, TN (well Harrison actually), however, I am in the USAF and stationed in NE.
  • Tracy Hamilton

    If you're on Facebook, come check out the posts, discussions, & events there.
    Chattanooga Atheists are NOT ALONE!!!!