Is there a polite way to co-exist with the religious?

Hey, thinkatheist. I always thought that being an atheist (or at least sharing the same beliefs as one) would get easier as I got older, in terms of co-existing with religious family and friends, but it's been the opposite. The more time passes the more I realize that the people around me have never accepted my concepts, but have probably just thought it was a passing phase. It's getting so (with family the most) that not a conversation can go by without the topic coming up and their spiritual brow beating begins with horror tales of damnation and prodding to see where my malfunction might be. I sit through posts on facebook, twitter and so on, about god and peoples undying faith in this, that, and the other and never say anything. I figure I should lead by example. don't bother me and i won't bother you. But they never let an atheist post slip by, they jump right on that maliciously and violently. I was wondering if there is ever gonna be a live and let live senerio possible?

  • Ben wright

    I think that sometimes you just need to broaden your horizons there are people out there with similar views to you but it's up to you to find them. Also I know it's extreme but there are places in the world that are less religious than others. I think you have the right idea about keeping quiet most of the time, I'm the opposite and recently I'm wondering what I hope to achieve, because it doesn't seem to work, but why would arguing with someone who doesn't respect evidence, logic or reason work, how could you ever change their mind.