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  • Pope Beanie

    Today I woke up focused on Tolerance and Transparency, as if the lack of them might explain world problems.

    Too many ideas already buzzing in my head at once, I recalled another meme I push, which is that "no belief system requiring itself to be forced onto others deserves credibility or respect". Trying to shorten this, I got:

    • Forced Beliefs Destroy Truth

    I googled that phrase, and apparently, this post should become the first time that phrase has hit the internet. Strange, or... my one-ness with the universe (and/or Truth) isn't as profound right now as it feels. Anyway, coming back to the two Ts of Tolerance and Transparency, I add Truth.

    My emphasis on Transparency is related to how best people can react to forceful beliefs systems... not by avoiding the debate or pure tolerance, but by being transparent about one's own beliefs. In fact, one should not only remain transparent, but occasionally skeptical of one's own beliefs.

    To conservatives, the above must sound weak in character. After all, the goal is it "stay the course", as a matter of tradition, perhaps since the good ole' days always seem better than today. It's easier to expect populations to follow rules than it is to tolerate any dissent, or (at times) hints of dissent. Order/Security above Freedom/Tolerance.

    I might be overestimating myself, but someday I think I'll write a good piece about Tolerance, Transparency, and "Truth", keeping those quotes in the title.

  • Pope Beanie

    (Whoops, wrt the relevance of Transparency, I meant to add "speak your mind" in spite of beliefs forced upon you, albeit speak humbly.)

  • Pope Beanie

    (I often write expecting theists will read it.)

    Belief in God
    doesn't absolve you
    from learning science,
    helping to shape its future,
    and practicing critical thinking.

    Science requires an open mind and courage,
    because it's about adjusting texts to newest evidence,
    and is NOT about eternally defending supposedly infallible dogma.