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  • "Cli-fi"

    Are the book-loving members here at TA aware of the recent advent of "cli-fi" novels and films? In a sense, they're the flip side of fundamentalist "left behind" fiction. They anticipate the inevitable disruption that our quickly changing climate will cause--socially, economically, and…

    By Don

  • What to Read

    Hello Everyone, I just joined and i love the idea of talking about some good reads Atheism. I just ordered Richard Dawkins' "The Greatest Show on Earth" Mainly I wanted to know of there is a certain book that is suggested to be read among the group or if it's just discussions of books that have…

    By Jason Lamar Sorensen

  • Atheism and fiction

    Here is a list of novels where Atheism is the theme or an important theme. It would be great if anyone could recommend other Atheist fiction. Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse 5, Breakfast of Champions, Cat's cradle Saramago: Cain (my favourite), The gospel according to Jesus Christ, Journey of the…

    By Davis Goodman

  • An Atheist's Critique of the Bible: Old Testament By Brian Shuty.

    "An Atheist's Critique of the Bible: Old Testament" By Brian Shuty.The author has a fun style, and pulls no punches. I like it and recommend it. He's written a version of it critiquing the The New Testament and I'll likely get that one next.  Kindle version only $2.99 so it's cheap too.

    By Alan Carman

  • Thomas Paine's Rights of Man by Christopher Hitchens

    I'm starting this today, if anyone wants to discuss. I'll post my thoughts when I finish it.

    By Casey Mc

  • Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)

    So I just finished the fourth book in this series. Without a doubt, I think it is the greatest piece of Fantasy out there right now. I would describe it as the Lord of the Rings of our time and I think in the future people will regard George R.R. Martin with the same reverence that people have…

    By Ryan E. Hoffman

  • The Portable Atheist - From De Rerum Natura

    I'd like to preface my first post by saying that I've never led a book discussion nor have I been a member of one in nearly a decade. I attempted to find discussion questions for TPA but none existed despite my constantly rephrased google searches. That said, let's get started.I kind of felt that…

    By Juli

  • The Portable Atheist - Christopher Hitchens

    I was scanning the last few posts in the group and feel as though I'm about to beat a dead horse but... does anyone want to read The Portable Atheist with me?  …

    By Juli

  • Book Club

    I'm gonna try this one more!  Sorry for messaging everyone in the group.  Guess I'm not used to the format :/I found this site because I am starting a face to face book club with my friend and I googled some ideas and found myself here.  I considered choosing whatever this group's…

    By Leslie

  • To Kindle or Not to Kindle

    I like paperless for almost all things, but for some reason, I still prefer real books. However, I think I'm coming close to breaking down and buying a Kindle. Does any have any strong opinions on the topic?

    By Mike Glickman