Think Atheist Cat Club

Since the creation of the group "Think Atheist Dog Park" I thought that atheist cat lovers needed a similar group to share stories, tips, photos, and other things. So, whether you have a cat or not, if you adore felines, this is the place to be.
  • Behavior Problems and Answers

    Here discuss any behavior problems you may be having with your pet: scratching, aggression, cat + other pet issues, night-time "crazies," etc. Anyone who thinks they have a good solution to these problems, please do offer it! …

    By Skycomet the Fallen Angel

  • Stories and Pictures

    Okay, so if you have any interesting or funny stories or pictures, please share them here. Please be sure to introduce your adorable feline star as well. ^_^

    By Skycomet the Fallen Angel

  • New Kitten Coming Soon - ADVICE PLEASE! ^_^

    Hello... I found out that I am no longer allergic to cats! *yay!* And in the next couple months I will be bringing home my first kitten from a shelter. I have never had a cat in my house... and although I have done some reading... I'd like some tips from people that have had kittens/ cats.For…

    By Skycomet the Fallen Angel