Atheist Philosophers

A place where Atheists who are interested in philosophy can talk about a diversity of subjects such as epistemology, free will, the meaning of life, ethics, etc.
  • bad faith in the real world

    If you've ever read any Sartre you will undoubtedly know that bad faith was a central tennet in his "being and nothingness" as well as other essays (critique of dialectical reasoning maybe, ect).  Bad faith to my understanding has always been this:  Lying to yourself when you know the truth in…

    By Keith Konecny

  • Ayer Vs Kant

    How does Ayer deal with Kant's argument for the categories? Doesn't the argument for the categories disprove the empirical agenda of the logical positivists?Or did Ayer think the slightly metaphysical noumena was cool?

    By Bo Fowler

  • Ethics and Gun Control

        So, I am a philosophy major in college, and I've tried to avoid the gun control debate for the longest time. However, this being a difficult issue, I feel the need to find a constructive outlet for my opinions, and gain insight from my fellow atheists.    First off, I love guns and support our…

    By Bobby Loyd

  • Free Will

    I have seen often how Christian s specifically try and use this as a 'qualifier" for religion. Basically explaining that this is where sin has its origin. In my view its just that.. A qualifier for saying that "I am so screwed" but hey I can say sorry later, hell I don't even have to say sorry to…

    By Chris H

  • What would Kant do?

    Need some help here...Say a mad axe man knocks on my door and asks if my wife (whom I love) is in. Am I compelled by Kant's Categorial Imperative not to tell a lie? or is it ok to lie to mad axe men?To put my question another way does telling white lies go against universal reason?What would Kant…

    By Bo Fowler

  • Determinism: Do We Have to?

    Essentially if all things have a cause (quantum counts) then everything we do and/or are is hypothetically possible to trace back to either the Big Bang or a consequence thereof. This means that we are not people making decitions but physical reactions in a biological framework. What are the…

    By dizzi90

  • Nihilism

    What are some good books and papers or anything that discusses the topic of Nihilism in great detail? 

    By Silenus

  • Favorite Quotes?

    What are some of your favorite philosophical quotes? They don't have to be about religion or related to this site, just interesting. :)

    By Brooke Bender

  • Does the "Heat Death" Make Life Possible?

    This site does not appear to allow pasting. Most illogical. If interested in my topic perhaps I can impose on you to seek it out in my blog of the same title as, at least for the moment, I don't feel like retyping the whole thing.    

    By Mike Donohoe