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Anything from contrast issues with the default background, to desired features, to layout adjustments to general weirdness.
  • Deleting a post.

    Is it possible to nuke a comment once it's posted? I'm sure this has been asked and answered but damned if I can find it.

    By Brad Snowder

  • HOW TO: Add a Think Atheist site search to Chrome (and other browsers)

    This enables you (in a chrome browser) to just quickly type in ta in the address bar, space, then a search term. A google search of those terms comes up, showing only ThinkAtheist pages. You don't even have to be on a TA page to run the TA search. E.g. by just typing in "ta fsm warm fuzzy", I get…

    By Pope Beanie

  • Blog not posting

    I submitted a blog, that for some reason will not post.I submitted it 3 days ago and it is still not available. At first it said the site admin were making sure im not a spam bot, but that disappeared along with me post.What happened?

    By Mike

  • Profile Picture Question

    I noticed that there is an image of a stylized dollar bill on my profile picture when I go to my ThinkAtheist page. Why does this appear?  Just wondering - thanks. 

    By Ed Neubauer

  • Profile Picture

    I'm doing something wrong. I can't seem to put a picture in my profile. I click on "choose file", click on the picture I want in my Window Photo Gallery, click on "Open" and all that happens is the file name appears next to "Choose file" but the picture doesn't show up in the photo space.  Many…

    By Ilene23

  • Text after blockquote appears as black on black

    Hi,I just revised a blog and upon submitting it for approval, the preview of the post appeared to have a large gap immediately following text I had blockquoted (with the blockquote button).  Upon investigation, I realized that the text was black instead of white and, on a black background, was not…

    By Atheist Exile

  • Does ning have any kind of Knowledge Base, or Support Center, for resolving site/page issues?

    I ask, because I am unable to change either my main theme selection, or type into any of the text boxes - or change previously uploaded background images - under the Advance Settings area on the "My Page" Appearance page.  And also, because I'm experiencing the same problems on Brother Richards'…

    By D R Hosie

  • Cannot change theme

    HI, trying to change theme, select the new theme, then "ok", then nothing. Tried IE/FF/Chrome. Theme does not change. Any ideas?

    By LSM

  • Friends

    How to you find out what other atheists, are in my geographic area?

    By Jameson Rohrer

  • Change my email

    I changed my email and added another one.but did not change...I went back to my new email checked my mailbox and there is no msg!Do you have any advice?Thanks. 

    By Hope