eBook Reading Atheists

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  • Ebook sources

    A Google search for "free ebooks" will result in an overwhelming number of results.  Several webpages have lists of thousands of sites offering free ebooks (Here is one with a smaller, but decent list).  It is…

    By Prazzie

  • The Kindle, America's Decline

    The New Republic: The Kindle, America's Declineby Mark Muro - NPRFebruary 26, 2010While Amazon.com's Kindle has dominated the ebook market, much of the manufacturing and innovation behind its technology rests abroad — leading some consumers to invest in the Apple's iPad. Apple’s iPad is dominating…

    By Sydni Moser

  • Confessions of a Tech Apostate

    Confessions of a Tech ApostatePresident Obama says devices like Apple's iPad are rotting our brains. He's right. By Daniel Lyons | Newsweek Web ExclusiveMay 12, 2010 President Obama has been taking some heat in techie circles over comments he made at a commencement address over the weekend about…

    By Sydni Moser