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Welcome Baltimore, Md. Atheists
  • Adopt-A-Road (Baltimore)

    Hey Group! I just wanted to go ahead and start this discussion thread. I just got back in the office yesterday and am getting caught up, so I really have nothing new to report at the moment.Just to recap some of the basic info:There is no cost. We just have to agree to a two-year contract, and…

    By Isidore Ducasse

  • Offensive, Disrespectful or The Right Thing?

    Ok my fellow atheists here's the scenerio.... My co-worker asked to borrow my car because her's was in the shop and I said no problem. I did warn her that it screamed atheist because of what's on my bumper (i have an emblem of a T-rex eating a Jesus fish) but she said she wanted to borrow it…

    By Robert Karp

  • Bmore Atheist Meeting?

    Let's get together group! My house? Coffeehouse? Bookstore? Bar? Let's do something?!

    By Robert Karp