Quick Arguments Against Religion

Do you think I'm going to hell? If yes, why? Why would God condemn me to eternal torture just for not believing him in the face of a huge lack of evidence? Why did he create me with my questioning, rational mind ...
  • Something to chew on

    You are choking...so do I watch you turn blue and pray or jump up and perform the Heimlich Maneuver?  I know, if I do the latter, God will get credit for my presence and action anyway.  Oh, well.

    By Free Thought Monk

  • If man arose by chance, life would have no purpose or meaning.

    # Purpose can come from anyone. The same object can have different purposes to different people or to the same person at different times. If you, God, or anyone else, want to do something with your life, then your life has purpose. Nothing else is relevant.# Purpose is not determined by origins.…

    By Morgan Matthew

  • NASA proves the Bible to be true.

    Was just wondering if anyone else have encountered this stupidity before?Excuse the copy and Pasting exercise.... " What do you think about this;For all you scientists out there and for all the students who have had a hard time convincing these people regarding the truth of the Bible - here's…

    By Chris H

  • God never makes a mistake...Everything is a part of his "GRAND" plan

    A 4yr. old girl getting passed around as a sex toy by grown men. Beaten,tortured and thrown in a wooded area like a bag of trash. VERY GRAND Good job GOD!If you can Convince me on how that was a "GRAND" plan and how it will benefit the world I will GLADLY denounce my atheism and become a believer…

    By Lord Atheist

  • this house believes that gay marriage is wrong

    is there a good argument that is non-theistic or non-religious to prove or at least argue that same sex marriage is immoral? i cant think of any, and i dont want to use religious doctines, personally i am in favor of same-sex marriage but igot assigned in my debate class to oppose it.

    By mark julius r. batugal

  • The Big Decision

    Fairly simple question and short answer from the faith-bound, please.  When the ultimate physical life-and-death emergency suddenly strikes YOU in the deepest and most fearful core of your being, where would you honestly prefer to be taken by the ambulence or family: a hospital bed surrounded by a…

    By Free Thought Monk

  • If you used to be in ministry, how do you defend yourself as an atheist now?

    I used to be a minister, and am having to defend my lack of beliefs now. How do you find ways to defend yourself against condescending people?

    By LovelyGirl

  • Claim: Evolution is only a theory. It is not a fact.

    If "only a theory" were a real objection, creationists would also be issuing disclaimers complaining about the theory of gravity, atomic theory, the germ theory of disease, and the theory of limits (on which calculus is based). The theory of evolution is no less valid than any of these. Even the…

    By Morgan Matthew

  • Lets establish your god before we start talking about books and churches

    I know of no objectively, repeatably demonstrable evidence to support the kinds of claims that people are making about their gods, such as he's loving, he's interested in your diet and sexual habits, he sees you when you're sleeping, is all-powerful but somehow needs money, and so on.The sentence…

    By Paul Tourville

  • An Ontological Argument for the Denial of God

    If we take the hard scrub-brush of deductive reasoning, to that mental house of cards first cemented by St Anselm’s ontological argument as proof for the existence of god, we can actually learn considerably more than one might suspect, from what we have left. As Thomas Aquinas argued, the mere fact…

    By D R Hosie