Bible Belt Atheists

For Atheists in the Southern United State but anyone can join.

  • Atheist Paradise

    Here's food for thought. I live in Alabama and love the weather in thesouth. I DO NOT like the cold. However, sometimes I have pipe dreamsabout leaving this backwards state (all of you know the many reasons forgetting away from the close-minded south). I would love to find a moreliberal,…

    By Linda Turnipseed

  • Does anyone believe in ghosts?

    just wondering on a scientific level.

    By Ivy Tatum

  • Probably no active users left in this group... BUT...

    Anyone from Kentucky?I fucking hate it here because of those people. And the stereotypes are annoying (albeit accurate). 

    By W1NT3R5

  • Do parents ever get it?

    I came out as an atheist three years ago when I was a senior in High School and my parents keep telling me its just a phase that I'm going through and they hope that I will eventually realize my mistake and come back to god...It drives me insane to say the least...Also my mother begs and pleads…

    By Jake Fanning

  • How many times were you baptized?

    I got dipped 2 times. I was too young to really remember the first time, but I remember getting pressured into it the 2nd time by my parents and the preacher. It seemed more like an assembly line to me because there were 6-7 other kids behind me waiting. Maybe it was the church I went to, but I…

    By JJ

  • Bible Belt: Unbuckled - Seeking Contributing Bloggers

    Hey all,I run a blog called Bible Belt: Unbuckled. I had been maintaining it as a personal blog but decided recently that it would be more interesting and generate more content if I opened it up to other Bible Belt dwelling non-believers…

    By Will Sloan

  • Witness Protection

    How many times have you been stopped in your tracks while going about your day, minding your own business and someone asks you "do you go to church?" or "do you know the lord jesus christ as your personal savior?"EEEEEEK!!! Are you not totally offended? Well I am! It happens quite a bit here where…

    By jen o

  • Dating a christian in the south...

    Does anyone else find it frustrating dating in the south? A few weeks ago a friend of mine set me up on a blind date/meeting with a friend of hers and it went great! She was awesome, we had a lot in common and we both had told our friend that we really wanted to see each other again. She even sent…

    By Jake Fanning

  • A film with you guys in mind

    I'm working on a film project at the moment that I started because I wanted a film that expressed the difficulties of being an atheist. I thought this group was the most fitting to share this in. Its basically an extreme version of my own experiences. Synopsis:Kane is a highly opinionated atheist…

    By Dan Ashton Lloyd

  • Do you guys/girls think "In God we trust" should be remove from U.S. money?

    Granted, it's a cumbersome issue and it was added then (on paper money) to distinguish us from the "Godless Communist", but at this point isn't it a bit childish. Most Christians respond with "Oh, it's a good thing, it's what makes us number one", or "Why can't they just leave it like it is? I…

    By Hunter James