Manga and Anime Freaks United

Calling all Anime and Manga lovers!!! Join this group!! We can chat about geeky Japanese stuff... and you don't have to be Japanese!

Weekly Featured Anime Ideas! Share them All!


The weekly featured anime is to be an english-subbed first episode of any anime that isn't a porno. [Sorry! We have some minors on this site, so no X-rate animes please]. - But anything else will do! ^_^ 


These are the requirements:

1. It has to have English Subtitles with Japanese Audio

2. It must be able to be embeded on the group's homepage

3. You must provide a link


Basically anything goes!


However, any repeats will be scheduled for next year.


I'm really looking forward to your imput because I feel rather awkward choosing them myself, and I can't know that I'm really being objective.


So... what anime do you want to see featured? 

When your anime is accepted, I will post the dates of the week it will be featured. ^_^