Baltimore, Md. Atheists

Welcome Baltimore, Md. Atheists

Bmore Atheist Meeting?

Let's get together group!


My house?








Let's do something?!

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    But nobody really posts in this group it seems ;P

    I have an idea , Robert. Perhaps we could friend everyone in the group , do a search to find other baltimore atheists and then encourage them to check here regularly.

    I do not have much time to be a leader position for anything right now ... too busy getting a piano lesson business going and training for competitions. But I can help a little on my free time.

    I would also LOVE to do some street team stuff. Like getting fake bible quotes and talking to Christians on the street. Or putting Koran and Bible passages side by side and asking them to choose which is which. Obviously putting the really nasty bible passages and the more acceptable Koran passages side by side to trick them ;P