Quick Arguments Against Religion

Do you think I'm going to hell? If yes, why? Why would God condemn me to eternal torture just for not believing him in the face of a huge lack of evidence? Why did he create me with my questioning, rational mind ...

If you used to be in ministry, how do you defend yourself as an atheist now?

I used to be a minister, and am having to defend my lack of beliefs now. How do you find ways to defend yourself against condescending people?
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    My father was a minister and I also practiced a certain type of yoga and had a Master (guru) so I can really relate to where you are coming from.


    My yoga buddies think I've been deceived by the mind....and my christian family really doesn't ask.


    I've posted a few things on facebook and other places I think thats ticked a few people off.  I've been unfriended by a couple of family members.


    I don't see the need to defend myself at all.  No one truly wants to get into a debate with someone who's been inside the system.  I've felt 'grace' and the 'holy spirit'...(though people will usually argue in 'no-true-scottsman' fashion that I really didn't experience grace and the holy spirit.. ho hum..   I've also had mystical experiences as part of my yoga meditation..and again.....'they couldn't have been 'real' mystical experiences or I wouldn't be a nonbeliever now. yada, yada, yada...


    What I argue now is that I don't doubt the phenomenology of 'spiritual experience....just the interpretation of it. This really pulls the rug out from under many 'believers' as they are used to people denying their experiences.  They aren't used to people agreeing that the experiences are real...but that you disagree with their interpretation.


    V.S. Ramachandran and others have become my 'gurus' and the more we learn about our minds the less need there is for .metaphysical explanations


    Its much better to be honest and admit that you don't know....then to hold onto 'a' truth with eyes clamped tightly shut.


    Other religions and belief systems all have their personal validations for the faithful.. Their miracles that have come true....their dreams and visions....their stories of faith that have pulled them through tough times...


    Many believers discount these other religions and beliefs without a second thought.   So I usually bring all this up when I have to 'defend' my nonbelief.