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Offensive, Disrespectful or The Right Thing?

Ok my fellow atheists here's the scenerio....


My co-worker asked to borrow my car because her's was in the shop and I said no problem. I did warn her that it screamed atheist because of what's on my bumper (i have an emblem of a T-rex eating a Jesus fish) but she said she wanted to borrow it anyway. Mind you I didn't give her the details of what was on the bumper.  Also this person, who is a very cool person, is a total believer and has even acted as a preacher and I consider her a friend. So when I called her and asked her if she saw it she said she was "actually very offended".  So my question is this...I want to be very vocal about my atheism, but do you think being offensive is not the way to go? I mean I think the T-rex is hilarious and pokes fun at religion, at the same time I want to be a respectful atheist not an aggressive and angry one as I don't think that's how you reach people. Plus I do feel bad because she is a friend. Don't get me wrong I am a polemicist and anti-theist but I think getting in discussions with believers might be a better way than just blatantly offending them. Would love to hear your thoughts.



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    lol , that sounds like a really funny bumper sticker! But I can't display my atheism on anything I have because some of my piano students are outwardly Christian. It would be bad for business if they found out I was an Atheist , especially when they want to learn hymns and Praise music. 


    You can't live your life being afraid to offend people.  To put it more bluntly , who cares if they get offended?  That is their problem.  It's a bumper sticker, after all.  It's not like you are burning them at the stake .... 


    Also , you warned her ahead of time.  Not to be offensive to you , but your friend was acting a bit irrational IMO after you were so polite to let her borrow your car.  

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      D. Bruce Brown

      I don't think you need to "reach" anyone. You already went above and beyond.
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        Mark Lindell

        I hate to be blunt but..

        If you can't have an honest conversation with those you consider your friends, then perhaps the two of you not as much of a friend as you each thought.  You choose your friends, but you don't choose your family.