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Free Will

I have seen often how Christian s specifically try and use this as a 'qualifier" for religion. Basically explaining that this is where sin has its origin. In my view its just that.. A qualifier for saying that "I am so screwed" but hey I can say sorry later, hell I don't even have to say sorry to the person. Just to the fairy in the sky, at least I will feel better. Never mind the person whom I wronged. perhaps he has to worry about his own problems that my actions caused?

The futility of the whole argument is what gets me though. Even when Christians go as far as saying that Lucifer had his own free will and therefore rebelled against God. 

The whole All Knowing, All might, versus free will just gets my back up time and time again.
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    Can will be called, free, if there's a reward/punishment system in place regarding the use of it?

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      Doug Reardon

      Another of the self negating attributes of god!

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        Dale Headley

        Hold on a minute while I get out my Bible and find the place where it says I have "free will."  Wait a minute...wait a...