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any manga readers out there

all the post are about animes and since it has been quite some time since i have actually watched one cant say i know much about them anymore but i do read manga all the time most of them are the violent type like veritas, gamaran, and beelzebub but i do others such as gamble fish and death note just wonder if anyone else out there reads mangas and if so what do you like
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    Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Duh! I <3 Manga! I am currently reading "Yurarra"
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      kris feenstra

      Every now and then I'll look for the longest series I can find and start reading when I have a long bout of nothing much to do. Over a week ago I did something to my back and was laid up in bed for a day in a half, so I went through a huge chunk of Hajime no Ippo. Wasn't so into the style at first, but almost anything will grow on you if you give it enough chance.

      I keep up with some of the popular shonen week to week. They're generally pretty repetitive, but I'm alright with it. Not the most popular out there, but I like the style of Tegami Bachi.

      I watched Death Note as anime, but I've been reading Liar Game recently, which is in a pretty similar vein.

      On the violent side, Gantz and AIKI are pretty good. There were some decent Korean manwha (I think Veritas is Korean), but I haven't kept up with most of them.

      I'm also into some of the slice of life and martial arts types out there. Manga is what I read in place of having tv for the most part, so I've read through decent portions of a number of series on those evenings where I just want easily digestible entertainment.
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        Okinawa R.

        must say that i read lots of manga..some i even forgot to continue reading coz the amount is massive...but lately just

        Yotsuba & i
        One Piece
        Defence Devil
        and more...