الملحـدين المصـريين - Egyptian Atheists

تجمع المصريين الادينين و الملحدين

Weekly Atheist Meetups

Every week since last June i had been posting a discussion inviting anyone who wants to join us.

So i decided to make one discussion for all the weeks. Yes i am lazy get over it ;)

To all Atheists/Agnostics/Deists/Non-theists/Anti-Theists, we meet up every week usually Wednesdays at 08:00 PM, so if anybody wants to join in anytime just send me a message and i will tell you the place and the time if it changes.

We meet in Cairo, Egyptians or any Atheist or a non-theist of any kind from any part of our pale blue dot (thanks Sagan) passing by Cairo is welcome.

If the meetups ever stop i will post a reply to this post. We are 12 and growing on bi-weekly basis, so there is always a meetup where not all are present but yo all must know that there are like minded people out there who actually meet have a beer and speak their minds without worrying what others may think.

I will always post a reply to this post just to keep it on top of all the others.

Please dont post replies to this discussion so i can easily handle it.

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    Alejandro Ortega

    Wow, that's great that there is a weekly meetup in Cairo everyweek, I try to go every year to Cairo for practise my Egyptian Arabic but I feel sometimes bad because of the presence and craziness of the religion in every part of Egypt... May be I didn't fpund the right place...
    In facebook I have joined a lot of egyptian atheists groups that I like to read regularly, it's sad that  countries like Egypt are ruled by religion, and I want to contribute if it's possible to the freedom of thinking and religion in countries like Egypt.
    May be I will study a semester in  AUC after 1 or 2 years
    I will go in august from 12 to 25, if there will be someone that would like to talk, improve english or spanish (I speak also another languages,...) i will be very pleased of meet!
    Will be there another meeting in august?

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      Mohamed Ath

      Keep it up bro!

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        it's the greatest thing could ever happen,. but what if the muslims knows about it ? we will killed !!