Think Atheist Baltimore Meet-Up Group

This group is dedicated to the Think Atheist group that meets in Baltimore, MD once a month. Here we will be able to stay in touch, give updates, plan, and throw out ideas between meetings.

Meeting Minutes for Sept 17, 2012

Meeting Minutes

Date: 2012.09.17
Location: Ed Neubauer’s House
Time: 7:00 pm

Main Topic: Human Trafficking

Members in Attendance:
Cara Coleen
Morgan Matthew
Todd Wade
Ed and linda Neubauer
Isidore Ducasse

1. Human Trafficking Presentation: Melissa Yao, a representative from the Maryland
Rescue & Restore Coalition and the Samaritan Women gave a presentation on the
alarmingly growing problem of human trafficking. As a review, and for the benefit of
those who could not attend, below are some bullet points from the presentation:

Human trafficking is the commercial exploitation of persons for the purposes of
labor or sex, through the use of force, fraud or coercion.

The average age of recruitment is 11-13. Once a victim “enters the game” (term
for someone being brought into human trafficking), her life expectancy is less
than 7 years.

Human trafficking is a $44 billion industry worldwide. It has overtaken weapons
(now third place) to become the second most lucrative criminal enterprise, and is
anticipated to surpass drugs for the number 1 spot within 20 years.

Maryland is the 4th most profitable state for human trafficking. Atlanta is #1, and
a great deal of trafficking occurs between both states along the I-95 corridor.

There are guerilla pimps who abduct girls, and there are those who coerce them
into compromising situations. 30% of traffickers are family members.

• Pimps use Facebook to follow young girls to find out when they are most
vulnerable. A simple post of “I hate my parents!” is enough for a pimp to take

2. What you can do:

You can report suspicious activity to the Human trafficking Hotline at 1-888-
3737-888. (Note: the number is meant to be written that way so it’s easier to

There is an Asset Forfeiture Bill that is on the boards. Currently there is no
mechanism to appropriate funds from pimps, and once girls are rescued from
human trafficking, they often have no options due to lack of funding for victim
services. These girls often lack basic skills (like doing laundry) and have difficulty
returning to a normal life.

There is also a Trafficking in Persons Act on the boards to correct some of the
deficiencies in the current legal system.

Visit for more information on volunteering, writing to
your local government representative about pending legislation, or for general

3. Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be held Monday, October 15th at 7:00 pm. The
meeting is set to be located at Todd Wade’s House (a confirmation, along with contact
info will be posted closer to the date).

Typed by: Isidore Ducasse