Think Atheist Baltimore Meet-Up Group

This group is dedicated to the Think Atheist group that meets in Baltimore, MD once a month. Here we will be able to stay in touch, give updates, plan, and throw out ideas between meetings.

Meeting Minutes for Aug 21, 2012

Date: 2012.08.21
Location: Razorbacks
Time: 7:00 pm

Main Topic: Member Activity/Involvement

Members in Attendance:
Cara Coleen
Morgan Matthew
Todd Wade
Ed Neubauer
Tim (and guest: Laura)
Isidore Ducasse

1. Questionnaires: After introductions, questionnaires were distributed. The purpose
of the questionnaire is to gauge the desired level of member involvement with the
group, to identify any problems or opportunities for improvement, and to assess
what members want to get out of the group. A copy of the questionnaire is attached.
Members who could not be present at the meeting may still fill one out and email to (Isidore Ducasse). These will be accepted until
next month’s meeting, which is scheduled for Monday, September 17th. A summary
of results will be discussed during September’s meeting and will be included with the
corresponding meeting minutes.

2. Agendas and Meeting Minutes: In an effort to improve member involvement, agendas
which will include information on the anticipated topic/speaker, will be posted on the
meetup group website. After every meeting, minutes will be posted to keep members in
the loop when they cannot attend a meeting.

3. Discussion on Group Focus and Involvement: There was discussion on the purpose of the
group. To summarize, Todd expressed that “we should do stuff.” Other members agreed
that an important part of the group is activism, and not just social networking. The group
will strive to provide a balance between activism and time for open discussion.

4. Meeting Date: Based on member input, it was decided to forego the change to meeting
on Tuesdays, and to go back to the original schedule. The group will recommence
meeting on the third Monday of each month.

5. Meeting Location: Another discussion point was where the group feels most comfortable
meeting. Members commented that they liked when the group met at Robert Karp’s
House; they felt it was a more relaxed environment, and preferred not having to worry
about offending nearby people either in ukazoo or in razorbacks. It was decided that
meetings will be held at the homes of members who volunteer to host. The tentative
schedule for the upcoming months is as follows:
• September 17th Ed Neubaruer’s House
• October 15th
Todd Wade’s House
• November 19th
Isidore Ducasse’s House
• December 17th
Dustin’s House

The schedule is subject to change, and members should refer to the site for updated
information. Home addresses will not be posted publicly; however a contact phone
number or email will be provided where you can directly get the information from the

6. Apocalypse Party: Cara’s idea of an Apocalypse Party was posed to the group, and the
idea was well-received. The idea is built around the belief that the world will end on
December 21st, 2012 based on the Mayan Calendar. The theme is that we’re preparing
for the end of the world, and admission would involve bringing a canned good (or other
supplies). When the world does not end, everything collected will be donated to charity.
Isidore will start an Apocalypse party Discussion thread where members are encouraged
to post any ideas/suggestions, from potential venues, to recipient charities, to song
playlist ideas (obviously REM’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” is a must). All
suggestions will be considered.

7. Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be held Monday, September 17th at 7:00 pm. The
meeting is tentatively set to be located at Ed Neubauer’s House (a confirmation, along
with contact info will be posted closer to the date).

We have arranged for a representative from the Maryland Rescue & Restore Coalition
and the Samaritan Women to come and give a presentation on the alarmingly growing
problem of human trafficking. Currently, human trafficking has become the second
largest criminal industry since it has surpassed weapons, and projected figures
anticipate it will overtake the drug market, to become the largest. BWI Airport and the
I-95 corridor are hotbeds for human trafficking. This is a major issue in Maryland, and
members are strongly encouraged to attend next month’s meeting.

Typed by: Isidore Ducasse