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Adopt-A-Road (Baltimore)

Hey Group! I just wanted to go ahead and start this discussion thread. I just got back in the office yesterday and am getting caught up, so I really have nothing new to report at the moment.

Just to recap some of the basic info:
There is no cost. We just have to agree to a two-year contract, and clean the road four times a year.
We would get a mile-long stretch of road (location still to be determined).
We would get two signs; one at the start and one at the end of our mile.
The signs will display the name of the adopter, which I am indicating as “Think Atheist.”
Supplies (bags, gloves, water bottles, safety vests, etc.) will be provided by DPW.
Volunteers will need to sign a waiver and attend a safety training session conducted by DPW.

Feel free to let me know of any questions or concerns you might have about our prospective road adoption. I will post updates when there is any new information to provide.


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    Robert Karp

    This is awesome! Keep us updated and let us know if you find out if we any say as to where the road will be!

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      Isidore Ducasse

      Ok. So I just got a call from the person in charge of Adopt-A-Road. Right off the bat, there is a problem with the name. First off, she asked, “Is this a church?” Of course I responded no, and told her about the website, which she said she had already visited. She said that the sign would be making a statement, and I suggested, “What if we get rid of the work: Think?” She said that word wasn’t the problem. The issue is that she would be getting a lot of calls with complaints. Since I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere on that subject, I thought I’d take the opportunity while on the phone to at least ask about the road choices, but they hadn’t even been sent up to the Department of Transportation for consideration yet because of the name issue. So, it was suggested that I think about it for a while and call her back.

      I expected to encounter some difficulty, but not so soon in the process. It’s worth nothing that the lady seemed nice and I felt no personal affront. I can understand her position as the primary point of contact who would have to field all the phone calls.

      I’ll do some searching/brainstorming on my own, but if any of you has any solid information I could provide her to defend our position when she receives a call, or if you have any ideas for a name that gets the point across without compromising our position too much, it would be much appreciated. I plan to call her back before the end of the business week.

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        Michael Snyder

        "In memory of gods."

        "Dedicated to A. Theist."

        Maybe what we need is to find roads adopted by churches, and to be vocal about it.