Think Atheist Baltimore Meet-Up Group

This group is dedicated to the Think Atheist group that meets in Baltimore, MD once a month. Here we will be able to stay in touch, give updates, plan, and throw out ideas between meetings.

Directions to Parking at Metro

Hello all! Here is a map to the parking lot we'll be meeting at before the Reason Rally. We're going to be there at 7:30am to be sure we get a good spot on the Mall. It's possible no one else will be there that early, but it's also possible we'll be glad we were early because we secured a spot close to the stage.

My number is 305-588-6124 if anyone has questions.

Here's the link to the location we're meeting: 4500 Paint Branch Pkwy College Park, MD

You can type in the area from where you are coming from, or are the directions from Baltimore. The map and written directions coming from Baltimore are below...

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    well, I'll be coming from the west side of DC, so hopefully I'll be able to see you guys in the mall itself.

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      Exactly! Remember to follow @ThinkAtheist on Twitter because we'll be tweeting our geolocation.

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        So, it's not that people are arriving at the MALL at 7:30're arriving at the College Point train station at 7:30 am!!!!  We were going to head to Greenbelt (and we will if we run late), but this is not so bad, after all.

        Still--where's the Dunkin' Donuts?

        BTW--you're sure that parking's legit?